Friday, April 22, 2011

morning !

Its early in the morning and I already facing my Facebook and updating my blog...
Seriously I'm bored sitting ALONE in this house~

Well,I still have go on with my life...

A conversation between me and myself...haha!

" What do I need to update about ? "
" Idk~ come on find something on google ! "


" What do need to search for my blog ? "
" URRGGHH ! IDK ! Maybe I should just go to ..."


" HERE'S ONE ! "

Kim Hyun Joong’s Official Fanclub Name

YUP ! the flower boy above is Kim Hyun Joong...
He finally got his official fanclub name..
The name is HENECIA..
some people might thought that name is cute,
and some people might thought :"WTH? What kind of club name is that ?"
For's a damn cute name for a club !
The name ‘Henecia’ comes from the name “Hyun Joong” and latin word ‘benecia’ (to receive blessings) , meaning – kim hyun joong to receive blessings and also those that receive blessings from him.

Lots of Love,

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