Daisypath - Anniversary

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Junior M album ~

I received the album on April 10th from Korea.com ( 대단히 감사합니다 ! 사랑해 ! )
I forgot to update it in my blog...
So now I will show you the album that I won~

Tadaa!! the most valuable delivery I've ever accepted ! haha~

Tadaa !! this is Super Junior M album ! * I get so excited about this !

Tadaa !! this is how the inside of this album look !
* stop with the ' tadaa !! ' thing *

Last but not least...

I got a free PHOTOCARD !!
And it is Donghae's !
When I got Donghae's photocard, I was a bit disappointed coz it is not Kyuhyun's..
But right now...I dont care about that...
At least I got one~
and at least Donghae and I got the same blood type...hahaha!

And at the back of the photocard is...

Donghae's autograph... * so precious ! *

Lots of Love,