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Thursday, April 7, 2011

To make my heart calm...

Yes! Aq sakit hati sangat hari nie...
Kalu ya pon marah kat kami biar la berpada-pada..
The words that came out from your mouth hurt us A LOT.

But,Aq berjaya tenangkan hati aq with MinHo and Baby YooGeun..
I watch Hello Baby on YouTube secara tiba-tiba (sebab sakit hati sgt kot)...I laugh really hard watching SHINee taking care of a baby...especially MinHo..

They look just like father and son... <3

Told ya!

LOVE this part on Hello baby~ Minho will be a great father one day..haha!

All SHINee members can make a face like Baby YooGeun~

Lots of love + hurt,

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