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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A visit to hospital...

First of all,when I go to the hospital,I suddenly remember about someone...the guy with angel's voice,Kyuhyun oppa...Is he fine?
Yes! He's fine now... =)

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun gave everyone quite a scare when his car was hit by a truck that was changing lanes on April 8th.SM Entertainment confirmed in an interview that Kyuhyun did not have any serious injuries and escaped with only bruises on his arms and legs.He had a complete medical check up and no other injuries were found.Kyuhyun is currently appearing in the musical,The Three Musketeers, but was unable to make the April 8th show.He has been cleared to join Super Junior M in China for activities in the following weeks.
_source: MTV K_

Today, we went to Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim...from our school tu dekat je..But,its worth it...

Kami diperkenalkn dgn bilik2 tertntu kt hospital tu...dan kitorang dpt melawat Zon Kuning and Zon Merah.. Kat Zon Kuning tu ramai la jugak pesakitnya...kat Zon Merah plak sorang je...org India..
Masa Mr.Leong,the AM tgh bagi info kt budak2 lain di bilik tmpt doktor2 simen kaki org accident...Aku,Ana,Izah,Umi and Zatie g bilik yg bersebelahan...
Guess what we saw?
Doctor tgh jahit kepala org accident...Bilik tu kecik je..
Mula2,kitorang just usha2 dari luar je...
Rezeki menyebelahi kami..one of the doctor bagi kami masuk and tgk secara live...Gosh!! We are so lucky...seblom nie just watch it from TV..haha!
Now,I dah tgk secara LIVE...sukanya! <3

Kami hbis jelajah sampai nk dekat kol 5 ptg...

Lots of Love,

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