Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daesung's story

Guess a lot of people already know about the accident...
Got this news at Korea.com...thnx to this website,and thnx for giving me Super Junior M's album too...really appreciate it...I'm just waiting to get their signature on the album now~Hope I can get it one day...especially Kyuhyun's~

Anyway,read this news :

aigoo~ I miss his big + sweet smile...

As Daesung’s car accident continues to be investigated, the taxi driver that was rear-ended by the Big Bang star revealed that Daesung had in fact been driving at 60km/h. A police statement previously asserted that Daesung was driving at 80km/h, but YG Entertainment has spoken out and argued that there are many different factors to this incident, and that it should be regarded as a complex case.
On May 31st, a YG Entertainment representative stated,
The taxi driver who was rear-ended by Daesung has said that Daesung had not been driving that fast; he said that he felt he had driven at about 60 km/h. Although Daesung was the one who told the authorities that he was driving at 80 km/h,  this was said while he was in a state of great shock and confusion.”
The site of the accident is on a downhill slope – isn’t it normal for most drivers to not have their foot on the accelerator while driving downhill? Therefore, in order to find at what speed Daesung was driving at, there must be an on-site investigation.
Previously, the Seoul Youngdeung-Po Police Department stated,
Daesung violated the rules for safe driving by not being able to see in front of him while driving at 80 km/h. If Daesung had in fact been driving at 80 km/h (where the speed limit was 60 km/h), it would be considered to be a speed limit violation. However, because that figure was part of Daesung’s testimony, in order to find out exactly how fast he was going, more investigation needs to be done.
Meanwhile, the police are examining the accident in great detail, combing through certain facts like how the motorcyclist was already bleeding before Daesung’s accident, leading to a theory of a possible prior hit-and-run. According to the police, Daesung seemed to have not seen the motorcyclist because he was scrambling to brake when he saw the stopped taxi in front of him.
It’s been revealed that Daesung hadn’t been driving under the influence and that the taxi driver did not sustain any major injuries. After the accident, Daesung and the taxi driver underwent five hours of investigation by the authorities before returning home.
At the police station, Daesung said, “There was one car behind the taxi in the first lane. When both cars suddenly moved to the second lane, I couldn’t avoid hitting the taxi that had returned to the first lane to stop.
The police revealed, “We plan to find the cause of the motorcyclist’s death. In order to determine if the motorcyclist had died due to Daesung’s car, we had requested a detailed analysis from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation and have obtained the CCTV footage from the area. We plan to investigate this scientifically.
When the motorcycle was found, it found standing more than 10m away from the motorcyclist. Whether this was due to a hit-and-run or another previous accident will be investigated with the Highway Department.”
It appears that results of the motorcycle analysis will take up to 7-10 days.
Daesung has received much shock due to this accident. A YG representative revealed, ”After finishing the police investigation at 7AM, Daesung has returned to his dorm with his manager.
YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk said, “We will continue to follow the results that the police investigations reveal regarding the accident. Currently, Daesung’s distress is not due to his mistake, but due to his sorrow for the motorcyclist who died due to an accident.”

TOP also offers words of encouragement to 

Dae Sung

Big Bang’s TOP consoled Dae Sung, one of other members of Big Bang, via his Me2day with the comment, “Hang in there, Dae Sung! Baby, don’t cry. Just remember that we’re here for you!” As the oldest member, TOP delivered the words of encouragement to Dae Seung, offering himself as a reliable older brother of his.
At 1:30 a.m. on May 31, Dae Sung was driving himself in his Audi on one of the bridges in southern Seoul when the Audi rear-ended a Taxi pulled over on the 1 lane. This made the Dae Sung’s car hit a bleeding biker who had fallen to the floor behind the taxi, finally to die at the scene.
It is said that Dae Sung is devastated in a state of numbness and shock. Several celebrities close to him have left words of comfort on Twitter.

I hope this case will be solve fast and
I hope nothing will happen to Daesung~

Lots of Love,


Trima kasih sebab sudi minta maaf~
I guess ELF will appreciate it and akn maafkn artis-artis nie...
But,rasanya xsemua kot...

thnx Mila...

Yang sorang nie aku heran skit...
mula2 ckp "X guna aku minta maaf "
Lepas tu sorry plak..
anyway,aku tetap anggap dia da mintak maaf...

Macam nie baru la namanya ARTIS MALAYSIA...
Saling bermaafan~

Lots of Love,

Yay! Kyuhyun sangat comel !

Lots of Love,

Senyum !


Lots of Love,

Monday, May 30, 2011

Coretan segelintir artis Malaysia.

Ok.Aku pon agak malas nk tulis pnjng2 psl kes SuJu M ngn artis2 Malaysia...
Buat yg xtau lagi apa yg terjdi time Hari Belia ari tu..pndai2 la buat research ye...
Aku dpt semua nie pon dari Blog orang...thnx to the blogger...really appreciate what you've done !

First, Kak Mila kita ( kita ? euuuww!! )

wow ! BEP ? Beyonce ? Rihanna ?
agak2 korang dpt akn dpt lynn yg sma ke kalu ajk artis2 hollywood nie ?
kalu da ajk SuJu M pon jdi mcm nie...x ke sma kalu ajk artis Hollywood
yg kak Mila kita puja sgt ti..

haha...apa yg blogger tu ckp betol..
Malaysia da direspect ye~
MIMING ? LOL~xley blah doe... ( sahih dengki )

KBS mmg klazzz sbb ajk SuJu M dtg...
kalu x..xda la SEJUTA BELIA nk dtg kt Putrajaya tu..

Second,yg bawah nie mmg bhsa kurang ajar giler !
Jga la bhsa tu...bukan ke BUDI BAHASA BUDAYA KITA ?
Kata support Malaysia..porah !

Aku pon pernah lalui pengalaman xdpt guna toilet...
tp xda la smpai report kt manager shopping mall tu + mengadu kt FB or Twitter...

Ko nk kencing kt muka SuJu ?
Aku rsa geng ELF yg kencing dlu kt muka ko...
habis la...lepas nie kna santau ngn ELF 
( joke k...jgn serious sgt...Aku xmcm artis2 nie.. )

Yg ni lgi terok...bhsa menyakitkn hati org..
Mencarut tu~
Bro,lek lu...

Sedar pulak penganjur yg wat artis MALAYSIA cmni...
tapi knapa SuJu yg kna lebih2 ?
Bca ayt last skali tu :
"Owh ni konsert SUJU ek sebenarnye? bukan konsert sejuta belia ? "
Well...for me..no SuJu,then xda la SEJUTA BELIA nk dtg...
agaknya kalu letak artis MALAYSIA je xsmpai 100,000 belia dtg...
Nmpk la TRUE COLOR segelintir artis Malaysia kita...
Kalau reporters interview muka2 nie kt TV,
bukan main jawab dgn penuh sopan-santun,
bahasa baik jew,siap cover lagi bila berckp..
Tapi dlm Twitter...perrggghh!

p/s: no wonder la KPOP fans lagi ramai...they deserve it...
Kelakuan + Disiplin + Bahasa diorang smua baik2 belaka...

My respect untuk artis2 Malaysia mcm nie mmg da hilang sekelip mata...
 One more thing for ketiga-tiga artis di ats :


Lots of Love,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Super Junior M in Putrajaya

Kyuhyun oppa~ so cute !

Kyuhyun oppa again!

queue ~

again...it's him !

as u can see...
this is SuJu M~
I don't get the chance to see them LIVE...
aigoo~ so sad...
Well,at least I can see their pix.

p/s: Pictures does not belong to me...
I just realize that every pix that I took got Kyuhyun oppa in it... <3

Lots of Love,

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Tiba-tiba pulak aku lapaq donut...aigoo~

damn! this look so yummy !

Lots of Love,


My sistars is going back home !


Went shopping with my parents at Tesco tonight...
Bought everything that I want..well~since I'm alone so...I can get a lot of stuff...haha!
but life is bored without my sistars...
tomorrow I can laugh like crazy with them..
I already laugh like crazy while watching Hello Baby on YouTube...
SHINee make me laugh so hard,especially Jonghyun and Onew..
They were like Dumb and Dumber~
But I still love them...
And right now,I watched Pianist drama untuk kali keempat...hehe~
I just love watching the part where Minho play the piano...I can't stop watching it..
Right now,I'm on my way downloading the drama.

Have you watched Replay (Japanese Version) mv ?

Lots of Love,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Replay Japanese Version MV !

Finally !
woot !
I'm so excited~
arrrgghhh!! I'm so happy...

SHINee is all grown up !
*Their omma and appa gonna cry~ And Baby Yoogeun 
gonna smile watching his appas ! =)
All of them look so cute + handsome~especially Taemin...
I love Taemin's red hair...he look awesome !

Lots of Love,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pianist Drama

I watch it again...for the third time...
Love watching the part where Minho play the piano...He's GREAT !!

Here,watch this !

p/s: going to finish up Paradise Ranch drama !

Lots of Love,

Freddie Highmore

" Who is he ? "  -your first impression

Now,do you remember the boy in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ?
I'm sure you've remember him by now~

" oh ! Yeah ! I remember him now ! "   -your second impression

I can't believe my eyes~
He's all grown up !!

And you should watch his movie too :

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yahoo !


So excited ! YAY!!


Super Junior M will be a FREE CONCERT on the 28th May for the Million Youth Association at Putrajaya.
The Sports and Youth Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek said, that the concert will be held to attract more youth to celebrate this event that would be held from the 27th to the 29th of May.

And guess what ? I can't go !!
OMG !! 
I want to see Kyuhyun LIVE,in front of my eyes...~ oh well~ maybe next time... aigoo~  =.=" 
* Heart-broken*

Lots of Love,

Happy 3rd Debut and Anniversary !


Congratulations to the boys who celebrates their 3rd anniversary today (25.5.2011) as being the shining boys in the new millenium of K-Pop history, SHINee! Onew, Taemin, Minho, Key and Jonghyun has certainly come this far and all the Shawols (short for SHINee World and the fanclub name) are supporting them greatly today via Twitter! The trigger SHINee3rdDebut is now on TT! Time certainly flies fast and we have seen them grow from the young little boys to a more sophisticated and mature group but still as colorful as ever!
Moreover the fans are dying of excitement from their official Japan debut on the coming month in June. Check out their Replay ( Japanese Version ) MV trailer :

I love Taemin's shoes in this MV! Damn cool !

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OMG ! ( 7 )

Pendidikan Islam for today...hell yes easy !

Tomorrow will be the last day of exam ! WOOHOO!!
Can't wait for 2 weeks of holidays..
and my sistars are coming home too !

p/s: Watch Finally MV..simple and damn cute !
It's all about a heart....A REAL HEART ~

Lots of Love,

OMG ! ( 6 )

Additional Madness becoz of Additional mathematics...
damn hard !!

For History..I'm kinda okay with it~

p/s: Addicted to Finally song by Brave Brothers ft. U-KISS <3

Lots of Love,

Monday, May 23, 2011

OMG ! ( 5 )

Kinda okay with my Maths today...

Lots of Love,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

OMG ! ( 4 )

Oh! Chemistry ! Why are you being so damn hard today ?!

Lots of Love,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mesyuarat Agong Sistah2 Cun~

*Hello Blog !
Lama xupdate kamu!

Mari teruskan cerita...

Khamis tu lepas balik sekolah je...terus tukar baju~ Get ready to go to Negeri Sembilan untuk hantar my third sistar,Hani ke UITM Kuala Pilah...Quite penat la ari tu...dengan kepala pening disebabkan Exam Biology yg susah ari tu...

Then about 3:30pm kitorang bertolak...

Dalam kol 8:30 pm kitorang sampai Shah Alam,tido kt umah Pak Njang...
That night,he brought us makan malam at a restaurant...
Kt situ family Pak Njang my mom ate Otak-Otak..
For those who don't know what Otak-otak is,look at the pix below:

Then,tiba-tiba Pak Njang tanya aku soalan yg buat aq ngn Hani gelak...

" Kenapa nama dia otak-otak ? "
Maka,aku terdiam dan ketawa...

The answer is:
" Sebab dia tak da otak..."
Then I laugh again~

Mengikut kata Pak Njang...dalam Bahasa Inggeris panggil Brain-brain ...   =.="

The next day after Solat Jumaat kitorang ke Negeri Sembilan,tido kt umah Cik Ita...
Agak seram rumah itu...but ada sistar2 ku xda la seram sgt...kalau kitorang gelak,
hantu pon lari~
Sebelum tu,Abah singgah kt umah Cik Yah...then,kakak nk buat surprise dgn menghadirkn diri ke umah Cik Yah..but tak jadi sebab sesat...ngehehehe~
Oh well~macam mana pon kitorang bertemu di situ...gelak sampai tak ingat dunia dan tak ingat pemilik rumah itu...
Lepas lepak situ,baru kitorang pegi rumah Cik Ita kt Taman Bukit Mutiara...
Pastu,we decide to go to Jusco,nak watch Pirates of Carribean movie,but tak da rezeki,so jalan2 n makan steamboat je...

woot !

from left : me,my future brother-in-law and his cousin

Lepas tu balik la...tgk tv,citer The Chronicle of Narnia : Prince Caspian...then tido...

The next morning,
Went to UiTM Kuala Pilah yg sangat dalam...
Agak penat sebab sampai2 je dah jammed gila!
Sabo je la...

Habis je urusan balik umah terus...
Time singgah kt RnR Seremban,I bought a Strawberry Yoghurt at Cool Blog :

Go to http://www.coolblog.com.my/ for more info about this drink and other drinks!
The website is so cute !

Dalam kol 7:15pm,

As a conclusion, saya keseorangan sekarang...

will miss my sistars so much!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OMG ! ( 3 )

what can I say about you........

Nothin' I guess...

Lots of Love,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

the celebration at school...quite meriah la...

Nothing much that I can tell...~


big P/S :
GD hurt his leg !
On the performance, He hurted in his leg.

YG Choreographer Jae Wook tweets about G-Dragon’s Leg Injury :

 Jiyong only slightly sprained his ankle and it’s already being treated. Please do not worry.

*Next time,please be more careful GD ! <3

Lots of Love,