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Daesung's story

Guess a lot of people already know about the accident...
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As Daesung’s car accident continues to be investigated, the taxi driver that was rear-ended by the Big Bang star revealed that Daesung had in fact been driving at 60km/h. A police statement previously asserted that Daesung was driving at 80km/h, but YG Entertainment has spoken out and argued that there are many different factors to this incident, and that it should be regarded as a complex case.
On May 31st, a YG Entertainment representative stated,
The taxi driver who was rear-ended by Daesung has said that Daesung had not been driving that fast; he said that he felt he had driven at about 60 km/h. Although Daesung was the one who told the authorities that he was driving at 80 km/h,  this was said while he was in a state of great shock and confusion.”
The site of the accident is on a downhill slope – isn’t it normal for most drivers to not have their foot on the accelerator while driving downhill? Therefore, in order to find at what speed Daesung was driving at, there must be an on-site investigation.
Previously, the Seoul Youngdeung-Po Police Department stated,
Daesung violated the rules for safe driving by not being able to see in front of him while driving at 80 km/h. If Daesung had in fact been driving at 80 km/h (where the speed limit was 60 km/h), it would be considered to be a speed limit violation. However, because that figure was part of Daesung’s testimony, in order to find out exactly how fast he was going, more investigation needs to be done.
Meanwhile, the police are examining the accident in great detail, combing through certain facts like how the motorcyclist was already bleeding before Daesung’s accident, leading to a theory of a possible prior hit-and-run. According to the police, Daesung seemed to have not seen the motorcyclist because he was scrambling to brake when he saw the stopped taxi in front of him.
It’s been revealed that Daesung hadn’t been driving under the influence and that the taxi driver did not sustain any major injuries. After the accident, Daesung and the taxi driver underwent five hours of investigation by the authorities before returning home.
At the police station, Daesung said, “There was one car behind the taxi in the first lane. When both cars suddenly moved to the second lane, I couldn’t avoid hitting the taxi that had returned to the first lane to stop.
The police revealed, “We plan to find the cause of the motorcyclist’s death. In order to determine if the motorcyclist had died due to Daesung’s car, we had requested a detailed analysis from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation and have obtained the CCTV footage from the area. We plan to investigate this scientifically.
When the motorcycle was found, it found standing more than 10m away from the motorcyclist. Whether this was due to a hit-and-run or another previous accident will be investigated with the Highway Department.”
It appears that results of the motorcycle analysis will take up to 7-10 days.
Daesung has received much shock due to this accident. A YG representative revealed, ”After finishing the police investigation at 7AM, Daesung has returned to his dorm with his manager.
YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk said, “We will continue to follow the results that the police investigations reveal regarding the accident. Currently, Daesung’s distress is not due to his mistake, but due to his sorrow for the motorcyclist who died due to an accident.”

TOP also offers words of encouragement to 

Dae Sung

Big Bang’s TOP consoled Dae Sung, one of other members of Big Bang, via his Me2day with the comment, “Hang in there, Dae Sung! Baby, don’t cry. Just remember that we’re here for you!” As the oldest member, TOP delivered the words of encouragement to Dae Seung, offering himself as a reliable older brother of his.
At 1:30 a.m. on May 31, Dae Sung was driving himself in his Audi on one of the bridges in southern Seoul when the Audi rear-ended a Taxi pulled over on the 1 lane. This made the Dae Sung’s car hit a bleeding biker who had fallen to the floor behind the taxi, finally to die at the scene.
It is said that Dae Sung is devastated in a state of numbness and shock. Several celebrities close to him have left words of comfort on Twitter.

I hope this case will be solve fast and
I hope nothing will happen to Daesung~

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