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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Kiss ...

Title tu gedik je ok~

Honestly,aq xtau sgt psal diorang nie..yg paling kenal pon Kevin je~ngehehe! ( tuleh BM ja...supaya xramai yg tau..muahaha! )
But,I'm gonna talk about U-KISS' showcase in Malaysia today...
Kalau tak ada arus rintangan mendatang ( ayt power tu.. ), U-KISS gonna have their showcase to promote their new mini album,BRAN NEW KISS...

they look so cute !

According to the newspaper I read,they gonna have their showcase at Dewan Wawasan,Menara PGRM,Cheras...when ? Idk...forgot about that... ( promoter tak diiktiraf )

Tiket akan dijual pda hrga RM153-RM650 *fuhhh!
Interesting part is,the one who buy RM300-RM650 punya tiket will get their poster,play games on stage,got the chance to shake their hands ( OMO! ),and will get the chance to get their album with U-KISS' members signature !
And to the exclusive tickets holder,they can HAVE DINNER WITH U-KISS...

*I can be a great promoter one day~ haha! ( really ? date showcase pon you lupa~ )

Lots of Love,

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