Saturday, May 28, 2011


My sistars is going back home !


Went shopping with my parents at Tesco tonight...
Bought everything that I want..well~since I'm alone so...I can get a lot of stuff...haha!
but life is bored without my sistars...
tomorrow I can laugh like crazy with them..
I already laugh like crazy while watching Hello Baby on YouTube...
SHINee make me laugh so hard,especially Jonghyun and Onew..
They were like Dumb and Dumber~
But I still love them...
And right now,I watched Pianist drama untuk kali keempat...hehe~
I just love watching the part where Minho play the piano...I can't stop watching it..
Right now,I'm on my way downloading the drama.

Have you watched Replay (Japanese Version) mv ?

Lots of Love,

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