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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taeyang's Lil brother~

they look like twins right ?
Both were born at the same year-1988,
but Taeyang born first-on May 18...and Dennis born on November~
Aigoo~Taeyang should go and meet him..
He can dance just like Taeyang,
tapi...I don't know Dennis can sing or not..haha !

FYI , SHINee is in Paris now ~
So jealous right now...lucky Paris...
I think it's the whole artist under SM Entertainment are in Paris now...
they look so cute + handsome !

Maknae Taemin which don't look like Maknae anymore~

How come the girl over there don;t scream and hug Minho ?!
I'll do it if I was her...   =.="

Our lovely JongKey Couple...

You think you so cool,huh?!
You do look COOL actually...

Our King of Fashion~Key !!

Yunho and Changmin...

Super Junior...during rehearsal~
*Kyuhyun is on the big screen~oh yeah... 

Lots of Love,

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