Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whatever happen to this world?!

If you want IPhone 4 , collect the money yourself and buy it ! Don't steal it !

Aigoo~ poor Kiseop and Dongho...They lost it when having a showcase in Malaysia...
such a pathetic stealer !!
Plz don't say bad things about Malaysia~ I'm so sorry about your lost...Mianhae~

Kiseop oppa...plz be strong...don't be angry~ Kiss Me love you !
( If I was Kiseop I'm going to be so damn mad ! haha~ )

( should I call him oppa ? he got same age with me...I think I should since he was born first~)
oppa...don't be mad to Malaysian,ok ?
( oh wow! You got same birthday date with my mom~ )

Oh well...
I hope at least one of them can read this...
I wanna let them know that Kiss Me will always support them...

Lots of Love,

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