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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ahnyeong !!

Hello my lovely blog, 굉장 ( what? my blog got a name too,not just title...gwiyeoun,right? ) n all the "stalkers" out there !!
arrrgghhh ! I don't know what to type actually...juz wanna keep updating my blog ( updating with all the nonsense and craps,I guess )

Let me show you somethin' first :

My FAVORITE cover of e-pop ~ SHINee 
and Super Junior-M's album  

At school,we got rehearsal for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang which fall on this Thursday...and we gonna have a FULL REHEARSAL the day after tomorrow... I'm sitting in the hall with some of my friends like crazies~
TRUST ME~ It's damn bored !  =.="

Right now, I keep thinking about Hari Raya....LOL~ ( Dear Cik Anie, SPM trial is still not here yet...now,u already think about RAYA?! You memang sedang mancari NAHAS ! )
Whatever~ still wanna celebrate Hari Raya after trial...
Good early news is... SCIENCE STREAM punya students habis SPM dulu !! hahaha! AWESOME ! AWESOME ! AWESOME !

Then what ? I've to go to PLKN ( Program Latihan Khidmat Negara a.k.a  Malaysia's national service program
No chance to work at Parkson...hahaha !  ( dalam banyak-banyak keja,Parkson jugak nak ditaipnya~ )

Apa lagi ? hurrrmmmmmmmmm~ nothin' , nathan' , nadha' .......means...nothing to type anymore...


Lots of Love,

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