Thursday, July 7, 2011

Showdown 2011 Champion


OMG~I'm so excited when Hafiz announced ECX as the champion~means Taeyang's lil brother win too! haha! *voting secara individu...hehehe...Me love Dennis Yin,hope his dream to go to L.A will come true after this~
woot!I'm sure a lot of people can guess the champion earlier...hehehe! this,its from Dennis :

First off, I would like to generally thank EVERYONE who went on this journey with us in Showdown, From the contestants, to the 8TV crews, and the fans and supporters. Thanks!

To all the TOP 12 finalist, it has been an amazing 2 months journey, and I’m blessed and honored to have gone thru it from the beginning till the end with you guys. You guys are all superb, and really really nice people. Amazing dancers! I salute all of you.. Thank you for the noise of wood breaking backstage, endless dancing anywhere, and many more. Thanks guys. I love all of you and will miss you guys!~
Shoutout to all of you - <span class=" fbUnderline">EGS, PANIC, Dejavu, Borneo, Force 136, Stepholics, Blazin Squad, Bounce Steppers, Rokusteps, SOULution, and HMC Phlow</span>. One Love, Showdown 2011.

To the 8TV team, crew, and all the ones who worked behind the scene to make the show what it is. Thank you all!! Kristabelle and Sharil for taking care of us (sorry for the MANY times ur kepala pecah cuz of the

The FMs - Bing, Jason, Dzul, Kana, Joyce.. Sorry that you guys had to scream your lungs out to get everyone on stage. Thanks for everything ^^
And to the production team, Zeb and team, Shaza, Weird, SP, and the abang abang back stage, BIG BIG BIG HUGE THANK YOU.. You guys are amazing *fist to chest*..
And definitely thank you to the abang medic, for always being there to massage our sore and painful body. If not we won’t be able to perform as well. Thank you abang =)And thanks to the MAKE UP artist from SNIPS academy for making us look pretty on stage.. ahah! Thx you all!!!!! hope to see you all again =) 

To ELECOLDXHOT’s friends/family/fans/supporters/voters, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for believing in us, thank you for believing in me when I was full of doubts. We can’t thank you enough for the amazing support that you gave us. It means so much to us, to know that there’s so many people who supported us and voted for us. I am very grateful *bow*
Hope to see our supporters sometime, somewhere, somehow. If you know where we are performing, come by and say HI.. We will wanna meet you guys too ^^

I would like to just say sorry and apologize to the Finalist, the 8TV crew, Fans/supporters of showdown, and Elecoldxhot if I did say or do anything wrong that hurt your feelings.

Showdown 2011 have been amazing to ME and Elecoldxhot.
I am very, VERY, humbled by this amazing experience.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to you, you, you, and you.. Thanks for reading this post by me, I just wanna say what I wanted to say from my heart.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments that you guys left on my FB and Twitter wall. Thx. And to HMC PHLOW, ROKUSTEPS, and BOUNCE STEPPERS. I heart You guys, a lot. For real.. TC and see you around ~ #Funkyfresh

I think that’s all for now, I’m so happy I can watch movie, lepak, hang around, club, dance for fun, teach…
Well, I can’t wait to fulfill my dream of going to the STATES! It’s NOW or NEVER, so if there’s anyone who can help me out, hit me up on FB/Twitter, anywhere. I just wanna go learn! hehe..

Dennis Yin @ Elecoldxhot


Lots and Lots of Love,

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