Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy birthday oppa!

Selamat hari jadi,
Happy birthday to you,
Saengil chukka hamnida,
Zu ni sheng ri kuai le !!

It would be great if u can read my post~ *this is a big wish*
Ok whatever~
Whether u read this or not,I'm still gonna type it out...

Dear Choi Minho,
This date: 9th December is a date which I always remember every year.
*birthday family member saya pun saya ingat ok*
Now,the date has come ! Yay !
You're now 20 years old.
*well,technically in Korea you're 21*
Oh well~ saengil chukka hamnida oppa!
Keep up your great working as a singer,rapper,dancer n model~hahaha!
I will always support you !
I'll be in Korea for the next 10 years,so wait for me.. *LOL! I know you won't*

Some last words for you:

  " I'll be there when you're insecure "  
*I know...this is too much............since I stole this words from a song*

Lots of Love,

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