Sunday, January 15, 2012

My message make him shy.

Masa untuk semakkan blog yg tak brapa nak creative sebelum 
Merlin bermula...
*cepat la! lagi 10 minit!*

pukul 12.45 a.m bersamaan 15 Januari 2012,
I watched 8TV Nite Live...
oh yeah~
BANG & ZELO was there...
The chatterbox was full giler !
Pakat2 dok chatting,asking Bang and Zelo questions...
Huh~My message was read by Kak Nadia a.k.a Kobis...haha~
Abang Baki called her Kobis.

" Zelo,you look cuter here than in the Never Give Up MV...Oppa! Saranghae! "
*I'm serious...he looked cuter in the 8TV Nite Live Studio*

Then Zelo senyum2 kambing...
He looked very shy after Kak Nadia read it...

Then I realized something...
I juz make a mistake...
I can't call him OPPA!
He is 16 years old !
Oh my god ~
*huh~apa la Cik Anie nie* 

BANG YONG GUK,you are my favorite rapper now~ =)

Lots of Love,

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