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Saturday, January 21, 2012

That's my future husband.

seriously happened before ...

Malam ni agak bosan...
so post kali ni pon biarlah yang membosankan...
dan yang even hangpa tengok pon reaksi macam nie :

" deret r dia nie."
" lagi2 benda nie..haisshhh~semak blog aku "
" menyesal aku follow blog ni...hampir tiap2 ari KPOP~ "
" tau dah..tak lain tak bukan..kalau bukan pasal bias2 baru dia,sahih pasal husband dia. "

apa2 pun...padan muka hangpa la kalu hangpa pikiaq lagu tu...
*jahat an kami?*

This is my future husband.
His name is Choi Minho.
Date of birth : 09 December 1991

These are some facts about this lovely guy :

# In reality, he is very aware if the people around him are comfortable or not.
*awww~so sweet~*

# If he didn’t become a singer, he would have taken more interest in sport and became a soccer or basketball player.

#Minho is good at doing everything. He is able to understand and analyze matters effectively.

#Minho is good in every game that involves a ball.
#He will never forget to send flower for his teacher on Teacher Day.
*bertuah cikgu dia...*
#Minho’s favorite song is If You Leave by Musiq Soulchild.
#Minho is not that good in Chinese but he understand a little.
*I can teach you...hehehe~*
#Minho always sleeping late at night,because of football.
* athlete...tak ley nak kata pa dah r..*

#Does not want to be hypocritical, refuses to be half hearted and insincere, has a very straightforward personality.

#Sits upright and listens attentively on screen, but plays crazily off screen, occassionally will trip over the stairs and will turn back and glare at the stairs.

I will be the happiest person in the world if he's my husband ...

"It's not that he cannot be crazy, it's not that he cannot lead, it's not that he is not attracted to girls, you just to get hold of the that one single point that makes him interested and wait for him to give you a surprise. "
*can I try?*

Yeah~I know ... I'll keep you #1 in my heart ... 

Lots of Love,

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