Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 hari tak online

Ting tong ! ting tong !
MengUPDATE blog sambil mengunyah nasi ayam ... 


Title says all baby !
5 hari aku tak online !
Record baru 2012 aku ...
Kenapa ?
Sebab modem rosak ...
Kenapa ?
Sebab hari tu ribut melanda ... 
Agak bosan bila takleh online ... 
Macam2 terpikir kat otak nie~
Modem baru direpair ... thanks to 2 orang abang tadi ...

Disebabkan tak cabut plug modem,
alamatnya " hangus " la modem tu...

Ok...ribut hari tu memang menakutkan ...
dah la aku sorang2 kat rumah ...
Rasa macam dunia nak kiamat ja time tu ...
Berlaku hari Jumaat plak tu ~
Seram ~ seram ~ seram ~

Time tu asyik blackout ja ...
3 kali aku naik turun tangga,
*decrease 3kg we...hahaha!*
Last2 bila dah malas,aku nekad tunggu sampai keadaan cuacu kembali normal,
baru on elektrik balik ...

Alhamdulillah ... everything was fine after that ...
Cuma kawasan sekolah Abah dilanda ribut ... 
Aku tak p tengok pon ... Mama ja yg ikot abah ...
Sian kat sorang Apek ni ... kebun dia hancuss dilanda ribut ...
How come tiba2 ribut datang kawasan nie ?
Sebelum ni tak pernah mai sini ... 
Oh well~ kuasa Allah kan ... anything can happen !

Nak cita pasal Block B pon dah takdak pa nak cita ...
P.O tak kluar dari hospital lagi ...
Nanti bila dia dah keluar aku cerita la noh ...

Oh ya ! BIGBANG is back by the way ...
The song called BLUE and BAD BOY dah keluar ...
best sangat ! Very The Like !!
Can't wait for the coming soon song called FANTASTIC BABY ...
Love the beat of the song ... BOOM SHAKALAKA !

The princes of ice !

Konfem semua orang tekezut kalau aku buat rambut camnie ..

Lots of Love,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hospitalized because of stress.

" How annoying ... posting about Block B again ? "
* cek punya pasai la ... blog cek ! kalau rasa annoying sila la unfollow~*

Yes ! It's Block B news again ...
One of the member of Block B has been hospitalized and that is the maknae, P.O !

Oh~my maknae cutie pie P.O ~
So,I'm gonna paste the news I copied from Allkpop.com :

The boys of Block B have been under quite a lot of mental and emotional stress ever since they’ve found themselves in the middle of a controversy after their interview in Thailand. It seems the stress reached a point in which it became too hard for member P.O. to handle, as he has been hospitalized.
With the controversy getting out of hand, P.O. has been reported to have been in a state of panic after suffering from much stress the past week. With the news of a petition calling for his suicide by some cruel individuals, the stress and shock seems to have led to his hospitalization on February 24th.
People have been wondering where P.O. was during ‘M! Countdown’, since he had been seen at a pre-recording, but not during the actual show. It seems his missing presence was due to his state of health.
Brand New Stardom stated, “It is true that P.O. is currently hospitalized. It seems he has experienced much shock after the current controversy, but his full medical examination report has not yet come out.”
They also added,“Currently, we’re most worried about the members’ health and the welfare of their families.”
As reported earlier, Block B has issued written apologies, bowed to show their remorse on their music show appearance, and also released a video apology to show their sincere remorse and offer their apology to the people of Thailand.
*aku emo sekejap tadi.*

To Block B haters ... I'm sure you are now satisfied !
Making a petition so that P.O will commit suicide ... seriously ?!
Does it feels so good to treat people like this ?
If u do ... you are not a PERSON ... you are not even a HUMAN !
I'm gonna leave a note to my lovely cutie pie maknae :
Dear P.O oppa,
Get well soon oppa~ You have to be strong for me and for all the BBCs out there ... We love u so much ... I'm so worry about you ... :(
I'm gonna repeat this again and again,
BBCs will always stand by Block B's side !
Saranghae,Block B.

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stop acting like a child.

First of all ... Ni first time aku post pasal band yang sama untuk tiga hari.
I'm not really a big fans of Block B ...
But,after what happened to them ... I'm on my way becoming one.

Let's go on with the story ...
" Siapa yang acting like a child tu ? Sayakah ? bukan ... "
Haters of Block B,obviously ...
I just visited Block B's fanpage on facebook and I found out haters are making
Anti page for Block B on Facebook and Twitter ...
The account on Twitter has been suspended ... it's a good thing.
But the anti page on Facebook belum lagi ...

Aku dah ronda-ronda kat anti page tu ... Aku jumpa satu ayat yang buat aku gelak sorang2 :

" Keep liking this page you just make us grow stronger. "
Seriously ? Which part make u grow stronger admins ?
The anti page was owned by orang Thailand ... terang tang2 la kan ...
Come on ! 
Aku pun ada group kat Malaysia yang aku tak suka,
Tapi tak da la sampai nak tunjukkan kebodohan aku buat anti page depa.
Cukuplah sekadar mengata depa kat belakang.
*apakah ?*

I got something from the fanpage but,
Idk whether it is true or not.
Aku copy and paste di sini :

‎"There were in total of 2 people in front of Block B's apartment, with a friend..
If you know Block B's apartment, you would know this; this place is not sound proof. ㅋ
So we were all crying and protecting Block B..
From 1am to 3am, it went crazy. (nanlina) There were screams and breaking sounds..
Kyung was swearing really badly at Jiho.. in english.. ; P.O was saying "lets stop this, hyung?" and trying to stop it..
But the swearing wasn't because of Jiho or P.O, but rather 'what are you going to do with you life now'. Like this... Listening to them made my heart cringe to think that Kyung thought so much of Jiho..
When Taeil came out of the apartment crying, Jaehyo came out as well with him and after that never saw them.
Like 'wajachang' (a big crashing sound) Really, like this sound.. As if it were like a movie...."

Cr.: lapetiteyuu @ BBintl

Kalau betul sekali pun ...
I hope they will be back as a happy-go-lucky Block B ...

So ... I'm gonna leave a note for Block B,I don't care whether you will read it or not :

Dear my lovely boys Block B,
First of all, I love you guys so much !
You guys are the strongest group I've ever seen ...
I know it's hard for you to face all of this ... but,
I want you to know that there are a lot of BBC are standing by your side right now !
BBC also make a song for Block B ... isn't it nice ?
Have you found any die-hard fans of the other group that would make a song just for you ?
See ? BBC are awesome ~ just like Block B !
Haters gonna hate ... They always show their stupidity by giving a bad comments about you.
On SHOW CHAMPION,you guys are not even smiling ... and that hurts BBC a lot.
Even when you performing Nanlina on the stage,we can't even see Block B's naughty smile.
I'm gonna repeat this :

Yu Kwon(U-Kwon),Park Kyung(Kyung),Tae Il,Ji Hun(P.O),Jae Hyo(B-Bomb),Min Hyuk and Ji Ho(Zico) ...
Be strong ! 

Lots of Love,

Monday, February 20, 2012

The other side story.

Dalam apa2 masalah ...
tak adil la kalau kita dengar sebelah pihak je kan ...
So,hari ni ...
I'm still posting about what happened to Block B.
Ada beberapa orang kata yang Block B tak buat statement sepertimana yang 
website2 paparkan ... Yang ni aku dapat from Twitter :

I told myself, and others, to not talk about this issue anymore but I've been seeing A LOT of inaccurate translations spreading around. Translations that make it look like Zico (and Block B) are cold-hearted devils. Some people are even going to the extent of spreading things like "Did you know Cho PD, Block B's mentor, dissed GD? Cho PD is mentoring them, that's why they're like that." which, by the way, is more rude and disgusting than what others are spreading about Zico. 

I am not here to defend Block B. I am not here to side with 2PM. I would just like to share what Zico said in the interview that's been causing this drama in everyone's tlist.

On Jan 30, RYT9 uploaded a video of Block B's interview in Thailand. There's a part there were the interviewer asked if Block B knew about the flood that affected Thailand greatly.

[Actual translation]
The interviewer asked if they knew about the floods so the members acted surprised.

Zico said, “Of course we know. We were only pretending we didn’t… it’s just for reactions.” 

He continued, “A lot of families must have been affected by the floods. We hope they emotionally recover through our financial aid… because all we have is money.”

Another member asked, “How much do you have now?”

Zico replied, “7000 won.”

(cr: taenacity on tumblr, various sources on Twitter)


Zico DID NOT say "“Thai people need money to heal their hearts but we don’t have any money” or "Money will cure Thai people's hearts" "7000 won is enough for the victims of the flood" etc etc. IMO, if you watch the video, what made this offensive was that it seemed that they were treating the flood (the donations, victims, etc) as a joke. P.O. is also being criticized because he was doing some funny poses (that people can see as disrespectful) during the interview. The flood is a sensitive topic since it caused a lot of pain, it's not something to joke or be playful about.

Korean fans (BBCs and non-BBCs) have been discussing about this way before the 2PM boys tweeted about it (the interview is a bit old) so there's no need to say that BBCs are being blind about what happened. We fully accept the fact that Block B made a mistake and that they should at least, apologize. There is no need for any fandom to keep on saying hurtful things about us BBCs or Block B. Or even Cho PD, for that matter.

In behalf of every BBC, I apologize if some fans said hurtful things towards 2PM and Hottests. This doesn't constitute as an official apology from Block B but we would really appreciate it if people would stop discussing about this issue, spreading those inaccurate translations, and bashing Block B. This is the first and last time this fanbase will talk about this.

I am not defending anyone by saying this nor am I judging anyone. - PANDAnim

Sekarang aku pun tak tau pihak mana yang betul ...
The sure thing is Block B have regretted it ~
So,people should accept their apology ...
Some people even make a petition to disband Block B.
Don't overreact  !

p/s : I think I will commit suicide if I'm in their position~
Be strong Block B.There are still a lot of people defending and supporting you guys ! Block B hwaiting !

Lots of Love,

Bila Block B dihentam teruk ...

News nie pun aku baru tau pagi tadi ...
Sebelum ni tak tau apa2 langsung pun...
Dah baca every news at every website yang aku tau ...
Semua cakap benda yang sama ...

Aku ambil petikan daripada beberapa website je la...
nak cita panjang2 pon malas ... semua faham English kan ?

" Block B has recently caused controversy because of their impolite behaviors and words at the interview with RYT9, an online news source in Thailand.
Block B’s Zico made a joke, saying, “Hello, everyone in Thailand. I’m pretty sure that you are suffering from the flood. I wish you recover from the damage with financial help. All we have is money. We have about 7,000 won,” and the interpreter was taken aback by what he said. "

For a lot of people...this statement is not a JOKE.
Well...I think everyone make mistakes.
Nobody's perfect.
People should really accept their apology.
Maybe it's hard for people to accept their apology especially orang Thailand la...
But hey! Semua orang layak dapat peluang kedua ...
Maybe after this,Block B will be more careful on making any statements  and
I'm sure they will be more matured someday.

One of 2PM member,Nichkhun bagi respon kat statement Block B...
Since Nichkhun tu orang Thailand...memang la dia akan bagi respon kan...

On February 19, Nickhun wrote a comment on his Twitter account regarding the joke, “There are some people who casually speak about the flood damage in Thailand, and I feel bad as a Thai. When you come to Thailand, please don’t act without much consideration. Please be polite to the country and keep your manners to the people.
After Nickhun wrote the comment, the video of Block B’s interview was spread to people and got criticized. All Block B members said sorry on their fan cafe on February 20; however, people didn’t accept their apologies.
At this, Nickhun again left a comment about Block B.
On February 20, Nickhun wrote a comment, “Please, don’t say things like “wish someone would die” but hope they would learn. Like we all do, like I did from my own mistakes.
He asked people to stop posting malicious comments to Block B and wished Block B members to learn from their own mistakes.

Di sini,aku nak puji sikap Nichkhun ... dia sangat matang ~

Earlier on Block B’s official site, Block B left a note of apology that read:
" We are sorry for stirring public criticism. We think that there is no excuse by which we can be forgiven. We are so embarassed for not considering the hearts of the flood victims of this national disaster. We will sincerely self-discipline and fix our wrongdoings which have lowered our country’s image. From now on, we will act while taking on the responsibility of a representative Korean celebrity. We will strive to show a more mature image. "

Leader Zico has taken on the responsibility of this incident and has shaved his head as a symbol of his remorse. He also withdrew from his scheduled appearances on MBC FM4U‘s “Yoonha’s Starry Night“.

Ok... I respect Zico ...
He really ~ really ~ really ~ regretted about what happened.

Apa-apa pun,
Good Luck to Block B !
I'm sure there's still a lot of Block B's fans who are still supporting them.

Bukan nak kata :
" Cara segelintir artis kita minta maaf jauh bezanya dengan artis luar.You can really see the difference. "

Lots of Love,