Monday, February 20, 2012

Bila Block B dihentam teruk ...

News nie pun aku baru tau pagi tadi ...
Sebelum ni tak tau apa2 langsung pun...
Dah baca every news at every website yang aku tau ...
Semua cakap benda yang sama ...

Aku ambil petikan daripada beberapa website je la...
nak cita panjang2 pon malas ... semua faham English kan ?

" Block B has recently caused controversy because of their impolite behaviors and words at the interview with RYT9, an online news source in Thailand.
Block B’s Zico made a joke, saying, “Hello, everyone in Thailand. I’m pretty sure that you are suffering from the flood. I wish you recover from the damage with financial help. All we have is money. We have about 7,000 won,” and the interpreter was taken aback by what he said. "

For a lot of people...this statement is not a JOKE.
Well...I think everyone make mistakes.
Nobody's perfect.
People should really accept their apology.
Maybe it's hard for people to accept their apology especially orang Thailand la...
But hey! Semua orang layak dapat peluang kedua ...
Maybe after this,Block B will be more careful on making any statements  and
I'm sure they will be more matured someday.

One of 2PM member,Nichkhun bagi respon kat statement Block B...
Since Nichkhun tu orang Thailand...memang la dia akan bagi respon kan...

On February 19, Nickhun wrote a comment on his Twitter account regarding the joke, “There are some people who casually speak about the flood damage in Thailand, and I feel bad as a Thai. When you come to Thailand, please don’t act without much consideration. Please be polite to the country and keep your manners to the people.
After Nickhun wrote the comment, the video of Block B’s interview was spread to people and got criticized. All Block B members said sorry on their fan cafe on February 20; however, people didn’t accept their apologies.
At this, Nickhun again left a comment about Block B.
On February 20, Nickhun wrote a comment, “Please, don’t say things like “wish someone would die” but hope they would learn. Like we all do, like I did from my own mistakes.
He asked people to stop posting malicious comments to Block B and wished Block B members to learn from their own mistakes.

Di sini,aku nak puji sikap Nichkhun ... dia sangat matang ~

Earlier on Block B’s official site, Block B left a note of apology that read:
" We are sorry for stirring public criticism. We think that there is no excuse by which we can be forgiven. We are so embarassed for not considering the hearts of the flood victims of this national disaster. We will sincerely self-discipline and fix our wrongdoings which have lowered our country’s image. From now on, we will act while taking on the responsibility of a representative Korean celebrity. We will strive to show a more mature image. "

Leader Zico has taken on the responsibility of this incident and has shaved his head as a symbol of his remorse. He also withdrew from his scheduled appearances on MBC FM4U‘s “Yoonha’s Starry Night“.

Ok... I respect Zico ...
He really ~ really ~ really ~ regretted about what happened.

Apa-apa pun,
Good Luck to Block B !
I'm sure there's still a lot of Block B's fans who are still supporting them.

Bukan nak kata :
" Cara segelintir artis kita minta maaf jauh bezanya dengan artis luar.You can really see the difference. "

Lots of Love,

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