Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hospitalized because of stress.

" How annoying ... posting about Block B again ? "
* cek punya pasai la ... blog cek ! kalau rasa annoying sila la unfollow~*

Yes ! It's Block B news again ...
One of the member of Block B has been hospitalized and that is the maknae, P.O !

Oh~my maknae cutie pie P.O ~
So,I'm gonna paste the news I copied from :

The boys of Block B have been under quite a lot of mental and emotional stress ever since they’ve found themselves in the middle of a controversy after their interview in Thailand. It seems the stress reached a point in which it became too hard for member P.O. to handle, as he has been hospitalized.
With the controversy getting out of hand, P.O. has been reported to have been in a state of panic after suffering from much stress the past week. With the news of a petition calling for his suicide by some cruel individuals, the stress and shock seems to have led to his hospitalization on February 24th.
People have been wondering where P.O. was during ‘M! Countdown’, since he had been seen at a pre-recording, but not during the actual show. It seems his missing presence was due to his state of health.
Brand New Stardom stated, “It is true that P.O. is currently hospitalized. It seems he has experienced much shock after the current controversy, but his full medical examination report has not yet come out.”
They also added,“Currently, we’re most worried about the members’ health and the welfare of their families.”
As reported earlier, Block B has issued written apologies, bowed to show their remorse on their music show appearance, and also released a video apology to show their sincere remorse and offer their apology to the people of Thailand.
*aku emo sekejap tadi.*

To Block B haters ... I'm sure you are now satisfied !
Making a petition so that P.O will commit suicide ... seriously ?!
Does it feels so good to treat people like this ?
If u do ... you are not a PERSON ... you are not even a HUMAN !
I'm gonna leave a note to my lovely cutie pie maknae :
Dear P.O oppa,
Get well soon oppa~ You have to be strong for me and for all the BBCs out there ... We love u so much ... I'm so worry about you ... :(
I'm gonna repeat this again and again,
BBCs will always stand by Block B's side !
Saranghae,Block B.

Lots of Love,

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