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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stop acting like a child.

First of all ... Ni first time aku post pasal band yang sama untuk tiga hari.
I'm not really a big fans of Block B ...
But,after what happened to them ... I'm on my way becoming one.

Let's go on with the story ...
" Siapa yang acting like a child tu ? Sayakah ? bukan ... "
Haters of Block B,obviously ...
I just visited Block B's fanpage on facebook and I found out haters are making
Anti page for Block B on Facebook and Twitter ...
The account on Twitter has been suspended ... it's a good thing.
But the anti page on Facebook belum lagi ...

Aku dah ronda-ronda kat anti page tu ... Aku jumpa satu ayat yang buat aku gelak sorang2 :

" Keep liking this page you just make us grow stronger. "
Seriously ? Which part make u grow stronger admins ?
The anti page was owned by orang Thailand ... terang tang2 la kan ...
Come on ! 
Aku pun ada group kat Malaysia yang aku tak suka,
Tapi tak da la sampai nak tunjukkan kebodohan aku buat anti page depa.
Cukuplah sekadar mengata depa kat belakang.
*apakah ?*

I got something from the fanpage but,
Idk whether it is true or not.
Aku copy and paste di sini :

‎"There were in total of 2 people in front of Block B's apartment, with a friend..
If you know Block B's apartment, you would know this; this place is not sound proof. ㅋ
So we were all crying and protecting Block B..
From 1am to 3am, it went crazy. (nanlina) There were screams and breaking sounds..
Kyung was swearing really badly at Jiho.. in english.. ; P.O was saying "lets stop this, hyung?" and trying to stop it..
But the swearing wasn't because of Jiho or P.O, but rather 'what are you going to do with you life now'. Like this... Listening to them made my heart cringe to think that Kyung thought so much of Jiho..
When Taeil came out of the apartment crying, Jaehyo came out as well with him and after that never saw them.
Like 'wajachang' (a big crashing sound) Really, like this sound.. As if it were like a movie...."

Cr.: lapetiteyuu @ BBintl

Kalau betul sekali pun ...
I hope they will be back as a happy-go-lucky Block B ...

So ... I'm gonna leave a note for Block B,I don't care whether you will read it or not :

Dear my lovely boys Block B,
First of all, I love you guys so much !
You guys are the strongest group I've ever seen ...
I know it's hard for you to face all of this ... but,
I want you to know that there are a lot of BBC are standing by your side right now !
BBC also make a song for Block B ... isn't it nice ?
Have you found any die-hard fans of the other group that would make a song just for you ?
See ? BBC are awesome ~ just like Block B !
Haters gonna hate ... They always show their stupidity by giving a bad comments about you.
On SHOW CHAMPION,you guys are not even smiling ... and that hurts BBC a lot.
Even when you performing Nanlina on the stage,we can't even see Block B's naughty smile.
I'm gonna repeat this :

Yu Kwon(U-Kwon),Park Kyung(Kyung),Tae Il,Ji Hun(P.O),Jae Hyo(B-Bomb),Min Hyuk and Ji Ho(Zico) ...
Be strong ! 

Lots of Love,

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