Sunday, March 11, 2012

" Mianhae " from JYJ.

I've told u before,
I'm a reporter that move silently in this blog.

title mentioned JYJ.
This is about what happened to them for the past few days.
Sasaeng fans are damn crazy ... read this and you'll know how crazy they are...

JYJ has apologized following the leak of an audio recording this week of the boy band physically and verbally assaulting its fans in 2009. At a press conference on Thursday, members tried to explain that the nonstop attention they receive can be overwhelming, and they focused on experiences when fans acted inappropriately.
To be watched by someone at all times and to be followed everywhere, it’s like living in a prison without bars,” the group said.
Member Park Yu-chun recounted several incidents, including one in which a female fan broke into his home and attempted to kiss him while he was sleeping.
“These fans are not your average fans. They will find out our private details, record phone conversations to upload them online, place tracking devices on our cars in order to follow us around all day,” he said.
In the recording released days earlier, Park could be heard swearing at a fan who had called him up on his private number. In a separate recording, Kim Jae-joong could be heard slapping fans.
By : Carla Sunwoo

Girl ! You wanna kiss YooChun ?
Do it with a right way ...
Don't you ever try to kiss him while he's sleeping ! raawwrr ! >_<
Sasaeng fans ... please stop doing this to them ...
Get a life ~

Lots of Love,

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