Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Privates.

Who's The Privates ?
The Privates = a "fans" who stalks a privacy of an idol ... including phone numbers and etc.

Why am I speaking about The Privates today ?
Because of JYJ news that just came out ...
The title said 

Recordings capture JYJ member slapping fans, hurling obscenities

Well,for the first I read this news ... 
It's kinda shocking though ~
So,I try to find the truth behind the story.
That's how I found out about The Privates.
Damn ! They are f****** crazy !
Read this :

Sumpah annoying kot privates nieh ...
Kalau betul la JaeJoong slapped the privates,
they deserved it lah ...
For those who doesn't know the truth maybe beranggapan yg JaeJoong tak hormat wanita,
kalau aku jadi JaeJoong,lagi teruk " fans " tu kena.
Hey! They are human who need a thing called PRIVACY too.
Nak jumpa family dan friends pon susah ...
Sampai nak kena sorok2 pulak tu~
The Privates got no life ...
Stop following them around~Give them some spaces!
Don't let them have a stressful life.

Dear JaeJoong,
Be patient.

Lots Of Love,

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