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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reporter kembali membuat liputan !

Saya reporter yang berjalan dalam blog.
Few days ago,I wrote about Yoochun slapping a fans ...
well ~ I've done some research n this is what I got !

A video clip of Park Yoochun‘s sasaengfan caught in the act of a hideous attack has gone viral.

The video clip was made public recently and it shows a sasaengfan slapping Park Yoochun’s face with absolutely no provocation from the star. ‘Shock’ would be the right word to describe the reactions around the online communities and many have expressed disgust at the sasaengfan’s action.

In the clip, Park Yoochun steps out of a beauty salon after getting his hair done and out of nowhere a fan just slaps his face. Park Yoochun and the fans were all in shock of what just unfolded, and he left the scene covering the cheek he was hit on.

However, the real shocker was the reason why the sasaengfan slapped him as she stated, “I slapped him because I thought he would remember me that way”.

The video clip clearly shows the brutality of sasaengfans and it also proves the claims of their senselessness is no myth.

The shocking video is but only part of the rigors the JYJ members have to go through on a daily basis. Many predict there are even more hideous acts that have not been made public and it has many fans concerned.

Cr:The Rooftop Prince


haishhh~apa la nak jadi ...
You slapped him because u want Yoochun to remember you ?!
yeah right~ =="
If u want Yoochun to remember you ... juz make a special gift for him and send it to him.

And yeah,
SHINee going to release their 4th mini album called SHERLOCK.
Ok~ I gotta make a confession,
SHINee's new teaser pictures ... tsk~ I seriously don't like it ~ 

Sorry SHINee oppa~I still love u anyway~

Lots of Love,

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