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Monday, March 12, 2012

SHINee 2012 comeback !

Before I start nagging about SHINee,
I want to tell all of you that SPM result will come out on 21st March.

Ok ... now~let's talk about SHINee ~
So,SHINee’s New Mini Album ‘Sherlock’ will be Released Worldwide on the 19th! 
Prior to the offline release of the 4th mini album ‘Sherlock,’ the album will be available online first through Korean music websites and iTunes on March 19th.
‘Sherlock’ will be available in stores on the 21st.

So,I got the story behind SHINee's comeback teaser...it was posted from a fan,Idk whether this story is true or not...here it is :

*THIS IS ‘MAY BE’ REAL!!“Kshawols on Shakizi are saying that the concept behind the teaser photos are that Onew’s the murderer, with blue all over his teaser photos. If you read Sherlock Holmes, you would know that blue paint was visible at a murder scene and on the murderer’s hands, etc and Key’s the victim. Taemin would be the witness and Minho’s like the mastermind behind the murder or something. So Jonghyun is definitely Sherlock Holmes. I pulled out this picture and I do see the link. I wonder if you guys do.
Onew’s hands are covered in blue paint, so he’s the murderer. He has a ring on his finger, which is orange and this may mean that Onew and Minho knew each other.
Minho’s hands are covered in Orange paint. You see how Key’s hands (with the pink bands) have traces of blue and orange. That most probably means that Key have had contact with Onew and Minho and since minho was the mastermind behind the murder, it implies that they may have known each other and are acquainted.
Taemin’s hands are yellow with the slightest trace of blue on it, which means he may have seen the murder from a distance or it isn’t very clear. His yellow paint corresponds to Jonghyun’s yellow bands so this might mean that Jjong and Taemin may have met up regarding the case. Either way, they made contact.
Jjong’s hands have orange paint on it, with blue rings and orange rings. Well, I don’t think I have to spell it out right? He found the murdered and the motive behind the murder. Which is a given since Sherlock Holmes is a genius.”
Credits : unicovoice
And here's the songs from " SHERLOCK " :

01. Sherlock
02. Ur Perfect
03. Fire On
04. Shadow
05. Stand Up
06. Superhero

SHINee hwaiting !

Lots of Love,

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