Saturday, October 27, 2012

PLKN 2012 ( Part 8 )

20/06./2012 ---> Tarikh aku blah dari PLKN ... sob3~ :'(
sedih we~SEDIH !
aku terima tawaran sambung blajaq kat MSU berkoskan Diploma in Education-TESL.
Yes! That's the course I wanna take...
But,leaving the camp earlier than's not what I want,I HAVE TO LEAVE THEM.
3 minggu lagi latihan akan tamat~3 minggu ja lagi ...
dah terpaksa kan...hmmm~ :(

Awal pagi lepas solat Subuh bersama2 buat kali terakhir,aku tak p PT Pagi.
Kena clear kan barang2 dalam locker aku tu...
Gulung2 baju la...Malam sebelum tu,aku dah "sedekah" beberapa barang aku kat geng2 M2B...
semua pakat2 berebut,hanger la,bedak la,perfume la,ubat ketiak punya pasal pun bley gadoh..haha~
Towel ada dua,tapi aku bawak balik 1 ja...1 lagi aku tinggal.
Kasut PT aku pakai balik umah,kasut kelas aku suruh buddy aku,Minki tolong buangkan..haha!
Baju loreng,kasut boot tu semua kena bagi balik kt logistik...
Ceh! baru nak curik2 bawak blik buat kenangan jadi askar...
*askar la sangat kan?*

Pagi masa depa semua p PT + sarapan,
aku cuba bersihkan habuk kat kipas pakai penyapu.
Tak da 100% bersih kipas yang aku sapu tu,al maklum la kita ni 154cm ja.
*tudiaa~pendek baq ang~*

The sadness was added because I couldnt say goodbye to them in a nice and good way.
Hari aku tinggalkan kem tu hari depa main game ramai2 kat dewan.
Minki ada explain kat aku masa aku turun g pejabat pasal game tu,
aku pun tak berapa nak ingat dah game tu mcm mana main...hehe~
*nyanyuk zaman muda~*

oh well~aku sempat bagi depa sain baju PT aku... :)

This one signed from the girls...
Thank you so much for this M2B !
Aku sayang hangpa semua ~ :)
Thanks for every moments that you've created with me...

Malam terakhir bersama... :')

And this one...from the boys !
Thank u to u guys too~
Hangpa dah buat aku serabut,gila dan kadang2 normal kembali........ceh! haha!
Apa2 pun..thanks to all of u once again... :)

Biar semua moment kat atas ni jadi kenangan... :)

I wrote a letter for Wira and Wirawati Bravo.
Rindu gituh ~

Last but not least...
Buat sesiapa yang dapat PLKN...pergi jangan tak pergi !
Rugi tak pergi we !
There's a lot of unexpected things will happen in your life~ :)

Lots of Love,

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Have anyone of you been wondering about 
Zico's tattoo ?
I've been very curious with his tattoo...looks scary though..
yeah~u can see the whatever three heads creatures...but~
what was written under it ?

Because of my curiosity and Zico never reply my tweet about his tattoo...
I took my own initiative...
for like ..... i don't know .... 10 times ?
Think I'm crazy ? yes I am...blames Captain Zico okay.
Well,like P.O said : " Get frantic instead of being calm. "

What was written was not HUSTLE or CASTLE.
It is ................................. APOSTLE !

  An apostle:
from Classical Greek ἀπόστολος (apóstolos), meaning "one who is sent away", is a messenger and ambassador.

All of the BBC,bow to me....mwahahaha! I solved Captain Zico's mysterious tattoo !
Just kidding~no need to bow~

Lots of Love,

The leader : Shin SooHyun

Nothing much to say ... Shin SooHyun is UKISS leader who born on March 11,1989.
Okay...just wanna share this with everyone.
SooHyun ahhh~you're such a perfection. :')

He’s a blood type A, a Pisces, born in the year of the Snake. He has a mother, a step-father and two sisters—one older and one younger.

His birth father died when he was in the second grade, when he was only about 7 or 8 years old. He was so confused back then, always thinking that his father would get better and become healthy again. He was with friends when his older sister told him his father passed away—he never even got to say goodbye—and he fainted when he was told the news.

Having only one parent, one income, with three kids; they had little money and experienced periods of starvation. Some people might have never recovered from that, might have given up all their dreams for a more practical future. But Soohyun used this experience to grow, to realize that he could never stop until he achieved his dream.

He was first a trainee with Good Entertainment, and then eventually JYP around 2005. At JYP he met some people who would become lifelong friends—Jay Park, Jo Kwon and Junsu to name a few. Yet for some reason, he left the company or was taken out, and his friends went on to debut in different groups without him.

When he auditioned for U-Kiss/NHM, he claims they debated on him and he had to go back 4 or 5 times because they wanted “a pretty boy group” and in his opinion he has no good looks, only skill. They eventually decided to put him in the group and after they debuted, he was the first to start sobbing backstage.

This is Shin Soohyun, who always pushes himself to be the best he can be. He practices and works out for hours, trying to compensate for what he thinks he is lacking in looks. He never stops trying, even when he’s sick or hurt and wants to give up.

This is Shin Soohyun, who had to watch all of his closest friends debut and become hugely successful. He watched them win awards, appear on shows, make big names for themselves; while all he wanted was for U-Kiss to be recognized as a group with talent—something that never seemed to happen.

This is Shin Soohyun, who never takes the title of “leader” lightly. He was so strong during the member changes, he never let himself show weakness. Ever since he was given that title, and even in the transition period before, he has taken responsibility for all of U-Kiss’ downfalls, their scandals, their failures.

This is Shin Soohyun, who apologized on behalf of Ryan Jhun to KARA and their fans, when he did nothing wrong. He said that as leader, it was his fault. He seems to be in a constant gay scandal just because of his relationships with his friends. It made news when he said he watched porn. Fans were actually upset when he got his teeth fixed (despite it being pretty clear that he only did it now because he could actually afford to). He is only recognized for stupid reasons, rarely for the unending talent that he has.

This is Shin Soohyun, who gets so overwhelmed thinking about U-Kiss and the fans, that he has cried in the middle of performances. He is never one to hide his emotions; he laughs loudly when he’s amused, he cries when he’s sad, and he grins—oh, how he grins—when the fans respond to him or when his fellow members are happy.

This is Shin Soohyun, who has infinite talents and skills. He is an amazing singer and a great dancer, but he is also a pretty good rapper, he can beatbox, he can play piano, he took taekwondo for 13 years, he won the idol marathon, he plays in the FC Men soccer team. He also has a fantastic personality, he is endlessly romantic, he can be confident on stage and shy in front of girl groups, he is funny, personable, great on variety shows.

This is Shin Soohyun, who once stated his motto as “There is no success without suffering”. He sang “I Believe I Can Fly” at his auditions. He gives 110% in everything he does, regardless of his health. When a fan fainted at one of their fan signings, he helped her out of the crowd, down the stairs and then stayed with her to make sure she was okay. He does not put himself above anyone; his friends, his family and his fans come first.

This is Shin Soohyun, who scrunches up his nose when he sings. He puts his hands on his waist when he has nothing to do with them, he puts his middle finger down when he is singing bigger notes, he has dimples under his mouth that only show up when he makes certain faces.

And this is Shin Soohyun, who is never given the attention or respect he deserves. Fans care about him when he’s being affectionate with other members, when he’s flashing his abs, when he’s doing his typical power notes. But when he’s showing his true vocal talent with softer notes, no one is listening. He was going to be in a musical, but he had to pull out. He had a duet song with Eunyoung, but it was overshadowed by Kevin & Hoon’s song.

People talk about Kiseop as being good looking, Kevin as being a great singer, Dongho as being cute and multi-talented, AJ as a good rapper, Eli as good in taekwondo, Hoon as very kind. But when we get to Soohyun, all I ever see is “keke pedo soo!!! ^^”, “power vocal leader~” or “he has sxc abs XD”. He has so many things to bring the table, and not only is he disregarded in the kpop community as a whole, but by the actual fans of U-Kiss.

But despite everything he has going against him—from the circumstances he was born into, his own insecurities, the indifference from the fans—this never stops him. His troubles never weaken his grin, never dim the brightness in his eyes, never dull the way he shines.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Shin Soohyun and he is perfect.
additionally Soohyun's real father died when he was still young. He fainted when he knew about it then stood up as man to help and support his family.

These obstacles in his life did not let him down but instead this made him not only a good son, friend, brother but most of all a good leader to U-KISS and Kiss Me.


Lots of Love,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Taeil,UKWON and Kyung.

P.O,B-BOMB,Jaehyo and Zico



Ma Kwonnie's big bright smile ~

Cucumber Kyung !

See how sexy UKWON is?

Zico's cheeks ! OMG~ can I pinch that,Jiaco? =)

P.O's voice is so WOW!

Taeil's is a bit shy ...

The awesome leader !

It's Zico again...teehee~he's my bias !

They changed their clothes too~

Look at Jaehyo's sexy legs !

The moment they say GOODBYE~ :')


Dearest BBC,if you wanna see :
Taeil wears NO shoe-lift
Zico takes off his shirt
Jaehyo cuts his hair while holding P.O's hand
B-BOMB shows his abs
P.O cuts his hair
Kyung makes his nude house
UKWON do not wear no-sleeves anymore

Then,make sure they get #1 in every music chart !

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beast 3rd Anniversary.

Having fun LIVE with Beast today.

It begins like this :

and ends like this :


Lots of Love,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

PLKN 2012 ( Part 7 )

Semua orang tau lagu ni kan ?
Bermulanya kelas kewarganegaraan maka semua Wira dan Wirawati WAJIB menari lagu ni...
Gaya tu of course la cikgu2 yang tunjukkan dulu,lepas tu kami ikut je la...
Setiap kali sebelum masuk kelas,kami mesti menari lagu ni dulu.

Satu lagi lagu yang kat bawah ni :

Semua blur bila cikgu bukak lagu nie ...
Bila dah dengar best pulak~huhu~
Kepada bakal2 "askar" tahun depan...dengar la lagu ni siap2...

Kelas Kewarganegaraan...
The first thing that's gonna pop out from your head is SEJARAH.
Sama la macam aku...Tapi kelas ni xda la 100% pasal Sejarah zaman kemerdekaan tu...
Sikit2 ja...tapi kadang2 kelas ni quite boring~Sejarah gituhhh~
Macam biasalah,group akan dibina dalam kelas tu ...
We play a lot of games,lukis bandar ciptaan sendiri la,berlakon la,buat benda daripada bahan terbuang la,lukis superhero la...Memang banyak aktiviti ~
Best sangat ~
And yeah...skandal Miza,Farid satu kelas dengan aku...Miza jadi jealous~haha! Padan muka hang Miza,hang dah la satu kelas ngan Renggo si playboy tu ! bweerrkk! :p

It was shocking bila Farid cerita pasal Mak dia ...
Katanya mak dia sakit,masuk hospital...
Masa dia cerita tu,terus aku teringat kat Mama~sedey woo~ 
Dah la Mama pun pernah masuk hospital...
macam nak nangis ja time tu...Apa la hang ni Farid...
xpa la..Sharing is caring kan...
Thanks for your story Farid...You makes me appreciates my mother more :)

Owh ya~lupa nak cerita pasal kelas lagi satu,kelas sebelum kelas kewarganegaraan~
nama apa ntah kelas tu...aku pun da xingat~
Such a heartbroken class... :'(
Kelas ni more to the exposure of alam pekerjaan.
Yaa~sakit hati jugak la bila duduk dalam group yang xnak bagi kerjasama langsung.
Especially geng Wira.damn ! Keja tido ja~Bila tanya senyap semua.
Ah Wei,the so-called Korean celebrity lagi la tak berfungsi ...24/7 tido.
Apa2 pun Ah Wei...thank you sebab main tenung2 mata dengan aku selama satu minit ...
At least you makes me smile a little.
And ~next time,jangan suka2 hati tarik tangan aku semata2 nak calit perfume.
Hang buat aku tekezut dan tergamam okay... =="

Locker saya paling cantik !
Haha~tengok~aku hias locker aku tau...
Orang lain mana ada nak buat macam ni~
haha! Tag nama tu melambangkan kemanisan masa kelas Pembinaan Karakter.
Burung yang aku lipat tu melambangkan kepahitan masa kelas alam pekerjaan tu.
LOL~ hahaha!

Nama glamor panggilan kat sana.
A big thanks to Zack for the name.I really love it~
If I get the chance to go for the second round of PLKN,I'll probably use a different name.
*owh!gila glamor!*

Sambung part seterusnya nanti ~

Lots of Love,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

PLKN 2012 ( Part 6 )

Banyak part ni...baca slow2 noh...jangan gelojoh !

Photoshoot day at padang kawad was damn awesome ~
Nasib baik cuaca tak panas...lega sikit~dah la pakai uniform yg tebal ...
Kalau tak.........habis semua wira dan wirawati jadi orang Korea~mata sepet.
Ruginya tak bawak kamera...Time tu la semua orang berkumpul...aduss~rugi2!
Bukan senang nak jumpa dengan semua orang ... xpa la...xdak rezeki kan...
 Gambar ada 4 keping...tapi 1 ja yg aku scan..lagi 3 gambar besar sgt...scanner tak muat..heh!

*find me if hangpa pandai*

Okay...move on with our Treasure Hunt !
Woot ! moment paling best sebab akhirnya dapat keluar daripada KLSN !
Masuk bas terus excited,dapat tengok dunia luar...
Pastu pakat2 buat peqak~
"Weyh! apa tu? kereta ka?" "weyh! awat benda tu mcm tenggiling?"
Buat buat teqok~sakit mental sebab asyik terperuk dalam kem ja...
Hari2 pandang color maklum la dok dalam hutan.
Wirawati Bravo ni bela beruk kat luar dorm...haha~
Hari2 beruk datang punggah tong sampah kami...tension gak r...
Beruk2 yang terperangkap dalam "peti besi" sebelah dorm kami tu selalu kami bagi makan,
kadang2 kalau ada buah-buahan lebih kat dewan makan tu kami mintak kat Pak Ngah bagi beruk tu makan...Kadang2 Cikgu Fiza bagi Apollo or keropok Mamee kat beruk2 tu..
Kucing pun kami bela tau..haha! 

Okay....sambung pasal Treasure Hunt.
Kami buat Treasure Hunt kat Galeria Perdana.
Rules for the game :

1. Cannot run
2. Cannot scream

To solve all the clues was easy too~haha!
We just need the find the item stated in every clues,take a pictures,keep it and give the pictures to the judges untuk confirm kan sama ada jawapan betul ke tak.
Tapi,penat jugak la...sebab Galeria Perdana tu bertingkat2..

*Miza tengah mesej boyfriend dia*

*Pikah,Nana and Ira*

*Dok men handphone depan Mejar Zainuddin plak...*

*Mereka bersama abang Medic dan abang Logistik*

*Apek Keong sedang meng'update' status di Facebook nya*

*Si handsome Farid dan Si cantik Miza*

*3 jejaka blur*

*Handsome tak Abah Rizal Kelate kami?*

Tehee~itu saja untuk Part 6 !

Lots of Love,

PLKN 2012 ( Part 5 )

MEDIC adalah tempat yang paling famous untuk orang2 yang nazak sakit ...
*nama pun*

Yang tiap2 hari pegi pun ada ~ pelanggan setia gituhhh~
Setengah tu alasan dan kepura-puraan je lebih...
taknak buat latihan fizikal ~ tau sangat...
Bila hari cuti,sekoq pon x p medic ...
Asal hari ahad ja,ramai yang mencari medic...
Aku tak paham~kenapa ada yang terlebih rajin naik turun bukit hari2 semata2 nak ke medic?
Aku sakit tekak pun tak ingin nak p medic tu ...
Selama aku duduk kat kem ni,sekali ja aku masuk~tu pun sebab teman Ira p ambek ubat sakit tekak dia.
Abang medic sorang ni...muka dia........sebijik macam Amir Sofaz tu~
Serius sama ! 
Ira minat sungguh kat dia ... adoi~haha! for me~ takda effect pun...Ustaz Fadli lagi handsome + comel.
Nasib baik Ustaz dah kawin~tu pun ada niat nak tambah lagi.
"Ada lagi 3 kosong ni." <--- Aku ingat ayat Ustaz dalam surau hari tu.
Ustaz ni keGARANGan dia lain sikit...Tegas2 jugak,sense of humor tetap ada...
Dia lebih garang dengan budak lelaki la...Kalau yang tek reti hafal doa2 yang wajib hafal tu~habis! konfem rotan dia melekat di kaki or buntot~ :D
Pompuan tak kena rotan la~Wira ja yang kena.Kadang2 tergelak gak tengok depa kena tibai...haha!

Ha? Tertanya doa apa yg kena hafal ? Okay..aku habaq..Alah~semua yang basic2 ja..
Tak silap aku yang ni je la :

1. Niat solat Subuh,Zohor,Asar,Maghrib n Isyak
2. Tahiyat Akhir
3. Doa Qunut
4. Al-Fatihah

Alhamdulillah aku dah hafal semua ni...senang dan tenang hati ku sebab boleh kumpul
balik masa tido aku dalam surau...mwahaha!Tapi kena cover sikit la sebab Wira nampak...haha!

*buku ni banyak membantu dan menambah pengetahuan aku*

Fogging day paling frust sebab kena masa weekend...adoi !
Penat tau turun naik padang p padang kawad...
Ni sebab kes denggi la ni...Ada wirawati Bravo sorang kena demam denggi~
Nasib baik sembuh ... alhamdulillah ~

*sempat lagi pose...ngehehe~*

*Cik Sue n Cik Miza*

*oh rumah ku ~okay...bukan rumah...dorm ja*

Oh ya~hari tu dah post gambar air teh...hari ni post gambar makanan plak

Sedap tak ? sedap tak ? hehe~ayam je la yg nmpk sedap kan?
Ye~credit goes to Apek Keong for this pic ...
Usually kalau hari minggu special sikit lauknya~
FYI,lauk kat PLKN sedap okay...hari2 dapat makan ikan n ayam.
Tengahari AYAM,malam IKAN-Tengahari IKAN,malam AYAM...
 Kadang2 ada jugak la yg complaint ... sayur ada ulat la,ikan keras la,nasik hangit la...
Sayur ada ulat tu sangat geli okay...ada Wirawati siam sampai termuntah gara2 ulat tu...
Aku tengok ulat tu~geli doe ! =="

end of part 5.

Lots of Love,

Friday, October 12, 2012

PLKN 2012 ( Part 4 )

Our Tesco + Giant = Koperasi.
Hey~it's everyone's favorite place ... haha!
manusia berduyun tiba setiap kali Makcik Koperasi atau lebih manja digelar Mama oleh kami membuka pintu koperasinya.
Koperasi selalunya pack pada waktu malam ... ntah mengapa,aku pun xtau ...
agaknya semua nak spare midnight snacks...takut lapaq tengah2 malam..hehe~ :p
Dorm M2B Wirawati Bravo xyah cakap r...asyik makan ja ~
Semua bawak bekalan makanan masing2 lepas balik dari cuti 5 hari ...
Kalau x cukup,semua cari Ira...haha! Dia lah pembekal makanan kami sejak dari mula lagi...
Thanks a lot Ira ~ 

Of course,hari minggu adalah favorite semua pelatih ...
extra sleeping times,extra lepak time,extra rest time,extra time to sental our clothes,no physical training,no activity,boleh pakai tshirt ikut suka hati yang penting tidak membeliakkan mata lelaki and the most important thing is WE GOT OUR PHONE BACK !
Yelah...semua nak melepas rindu kat family,boyfriend/girlfriend,update status kat facebook la...
Kalau x mesej or call pun,dengar lagu ja...
*I got my mp3 so hari2 bley dengar lagu~haha!*

Well,issue sembunyi phone memang ada ~ ntah la kompeni mana tu...
ada yg bawak 2 phone,1 dia bagi jurulatih "sita",satu lagi simpan untuk diri sendiri ~
ceh! nak main simpan2 lak...tak mati la kalau xda phone,lagipun cikgu simpan phone 5 hari ja ... =="
Orang lain boleh ja hidup tanpa phone...Lagipun public phone kan ada ...mwahaha~
FYI,public phone kat Bravo paling aman sebab terletak di atas bukit~
Siapa la yang rajin terlebih nak naik bukit semata-mata nak pakai public phone kan ?
haha! untung sebenarnya dorm wirawati Bravo ni...tak banyak gangguan + dekat dengan surau~ :)
*Ustaz Fadli sangat handsome okay~*
Kalau public phone kat kompeni Alpha tu....hari2 penuh orang beratur...xdak privasi langsung...

*Pose hari minggu!*

*Wirawati Bravo punya leader,ASMIZA! Comey dak? hehe~love her so much*

A few weeks after kami jalani latihan,we got a very shocking news...
The daughter of mak cik koperasi kembali ke rahmatullah kerana accident.
Semoga arwah Yasmin ditempatkan bersama orang2 yang beriman.
Visit her blog here :
her blog is currently updated by Mama.

Gambar di atas tertera geng2 chinese wearing malay's traditional clothes.
Semua cantik,semua handsome malam tu ...
Dah macam nak buat rombongan meminang dah ~ huh!
We usually wear our baju kurung/baju melayu on malam Khamis ...
Yelah,tiap2 malam Khamis baca Yassiin,bila p surau confirm la pakai baju kurung/baju melayu...
Menghormati namanya~

And yeah~kalau tak silap aku hari Sabtu hari lawatan keluarga.
Setiap minggu setiap kompeni akan saling bergilir ambil tugas dimulankan dengan Alpha.
Bravo is the next,followed by Charlie and Delta.

Aku suka bila ada cikgu puji suara aku sedap bila buat pengumuman...haha!
*bangga kejap* 
Sorry cikgu,saya tak ingat nama cikgu!

It was tiring but fun though ...
Geng2 wira angkat meja naik bukit bagai nak mati ...kesian~huhu!
Kami wirawati hanya perlu mengangkat kerusi plastik .... XD

End of part 4... :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

PLKN 2012 ( Part 3 )

Kontrak Kita Janji or KKJ for short diadakan untuk meyatakan 
semua wira dan wirawati telah secara rasminya akan bersama dengan kompeni masing2 hingga tamat latihan.

From this activity,aku dapat mengenali members Bravo yang lain ...
That's how aku berkenalan dengan Zaini,Imran,Wei Ze,Wei Loon,Bei Er,Ah Liang,Fook
dan wirawati M2A.

From this activity also,bakat melukis daripada pakar dikeluarkan ... mwhehe~
Ah Liang is our official flag's drawer~lawa doe dia lukis ! Sat g kat bawah ni tengok la bendera kami ...hehe~Keong was good in drawing too,the two of them keja brainstorming for Bravo's flag ...
The others tolong pikirkan misi,visi,matlamat,motto kompeni ~
Wei Ze n Wei Loon suddenly asked me about what is Matlamat in chinese when I was writing my emcee's script besides them,so I told them it was 目标 (Mùbiāo).
and yes! aku telah dilantik jadi emcee for KKJ~yay! ...
That's how I knew more about them ...
I even gave Wei Loon and Bei Er and new nickname...
Loon Loon for Wei Loon and Bei Bei for Bei Er~haha!
Wei Ze nak boh Zeze macam pelik pulak so I've decided to keep his original name.
Aku,Pikah and Ira berjaga kat dewan sampai pukul 12a.m sebab nak edit apa yang tak patut ...
There were some boys keep us company but I can't remember who ...
Time tu tgh frust pulak asyik dapat marker pen xdak ink ... harap ja banyak,ink xdak~ =="
When the KKJ day arrived,I was suddenly nervous...lama tak pegang microfon gituh~cewahhh~ 
But,nervousness is normal ~ I've done my job as an emcee perfectly :)
Presentation from the others members were quite good..
Spoil kat Fiq and Keong ja ... haha! Spoil sikit je la,x banyak...they managed to cover their mistake. 

Dear Keong and Fook,I appreciated your hard work for brainstorming everything about out flag until 2a.m ... You guys are awesome ! Tak dinafikan,hangpa dua lah ahli yang paling banyak berkorban untuk kompeni ... :)

*Fook is the one who is holding the paper,Keong is the one who is holding the mic*

And yeah,Asmiza is the official leader for Wirawati Bravo...
Ashraf is the official leader for Wira Bravo,Fook is his assistant ~


Bendera kami ni sepatutnya berkepalakan helang,tapi atas sebab2 tertentu,
kepala helang terpaksa dipadamkan...maka jadilah Harimau yang bersayapkan api~
*Aku pun taktau apa sebab helang xleh pakai*

Ni Alpha punya bendera. Harimau Merah :)

Bendera Charlie. Gajah Legenda :)

Yang ni Delta punya. Singa Utara. :)

Air teh adalah air yang paling famous kat kem ...
Hari2 kami minum air teh sehingga ada yang tak boleh melepaskan "saham" mereka.

There are 2 things that became an addiction to everyone :

Ntah mengapa jadi begitu ...
2 benda ni sangat famous~walaupun agak mahal tetap dibeli...
Sehingga ada yang sanggup mencuri 5 botol Vitagen~
*pencuri telah pun dikesan.*

That's all for part 3...
nanti sambung part 4 ye~

Lots of Love,