Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scandelious EunHyuk and IU

" Sexy,Free, NOT SINGLE,Hyuk ready to BINGO! "

That's what the Korean Netizens state.I'm not sure whether this is true or not.

The picture below was posted on IU's twitter account,and was deleted within 2 minutes.
The picture which was uploaded by IU herself caused a stir in the web and twitter.
The shocking parts were Eunhyuk and IU looked like they were lying on a bed + Eunhyuk was shirtless.

The pajama that IU wore seems like the one that got burnt when she's trying to cook ramen.

*isnt this look the same?*

I remembered when IU became the guest in the show,'Strong Heart'.
Leeteuk wrote a short message : "Meeting Eunhyuk's woman again..."
EunHyuk wrote a heart on the board and IU wrote "Oppa,I'm here"
The proof that they were in love became stronger.

The Korean netizens were quite shocked with the news saying IU slept with Eunhyuk with her early 20s.
Well,IU is an adult but Koreans find it really "slutty" if u have sex in the aerly 20's.
I cant explain in details about this thing,I think it's the Korean cultural thing.
So,if u have any Korean friends,just ask them.

So...LOEN ENTERTAINMENT came forward and gave their explanation :

Hello everyone, this is LOEN Entertainment.
We would like to express our official stand regarding the accidental upload of a photo by our agency's artist IU on her personal Twitter account in the early morning hours of November 10th.
First, we would like to say sorry to for causing concern to all concerned representatives, fans of IU and Super Junior. The photo was taken during the time when IU fell sick this past summer, and Eunhyuk had gone to visit her at her home. The photo was taken as they sat together at the sofa. In the early morning hours of November 10th, IU accidentally uploaded the photo while she was updating her Twitter account. We are sorry that this mistake has caused harm to her senior Eunhyuk and would like to offer our sincere apologies.
IU and Eunhyuk maintain a close junior- senior relationship, and Eunhyuk often eats together with IU's mother even. We ask that that you do not exaggerate or speculate about their relationship because of this incident.
IU will learn from this and return to everyone with a more mature side. Once again, we would like to apologize to everyone and are really sorry.
Well of course,

The fans broke IU's CD.

And insulting her on twitter.

There's some news I've received like the Koreans burnt Suju-M's cd and planned to 
damage Eunhyuk's mum's bakery.I didnt have the picture or any confirmation ...
I think the burning cd stuff is true,but the damaging bakery stuff,I'm really not sure about that.

Because of my awesome diligence this evening...
I've been through a lot of website and I saw the picture of the same sofa they lied on together.
The sofa was actually in Eunhyuk's house.
LOEN said Eunhyuk was visiting IU...oh~I'M SO CURIOUS YEAH~~~
Maybe I was wrong or maybe IU also bought the same sofa.
Who knows....

On behalf of EunHyuk,SM is not giving any further explanation.
They only stated this :

“We don’t have anything particular to say,”

Since LOEN already gave the explanation,I think SM decided to stay quiet about this...........................and continued to make money~hahaha~
what? it's much better to get millions and billions rather than wasting their time on the picture.
Besides,Super Junior is SM's precious treasure.

Well,Eunhyuk does look like he wore a shirt when I played with the Color Curves.

The truth...only IU and Eunhyuk know the truth...
I'll directly ask Eunhyuk about this if I meet*jk

That's all I can get.
There's a lot pictures parody about this scandal.
Too lazy to post here.Find it yourself...haha~
In my final conclusion,EunHyuk and IU relationship was REAL.

Bye.And thanks for reading. ^_^

Lots of Love,

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