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Saturday, March 9, 2013

To This Woman.

1) You are annoying.

→ you wake me up for school while singing,then you turned the fan off.
→ you wake me up for Subuh prayer from my room upstair until downstair.

2) You care.

→ When I can't carry burdens on my shoulder...I call you,I cry on the phone,you always tell me to always pray to Allah so that I'll gain more strength.
→ You always pray for us,your four daughters everyday.
→ You mentioned us as your angels.
→ You always tell us not to JIMAT for food.
→ You always ask us whether we have money or not.
→ You don't want us to have a hard life like you when you were young.

3) You are strong.

→ You carried us for 9 months.
→ You gave birth to all 4 of us.
→ You when in and out of the hospital,but you are still working hard at school and for us.
→  They bashed you,but because they are your siblings,you keep yourself quiet...You never bash them back.

4) You are funny.

→ The day you said : "Masa untuk gemuk!" then you grabbed Pringles in front of you.I laughed so hard.
→ You teach your naughty students with a broom.
→ You once stood on the table in the class because of your students.
→ You love playing with Talking Tom,you keep laughing everytime Tom repeats what you have said.
→You forced me,Kakak and Mimi to take the plants for the waterfall at our house from Ah Pu.

5) You are cute.

→ You love Abah's phone Live Wallpaper,you always watch the swimming fishes.
→ You wore the shirt saying "Aku Mau Couple" in the house.
→  You cried when watching the Korean drama,The Moon Embracing The Sun with me and Mimi.
→ You always have your own "bahasa" with the cats.
→ You gave weird names to the kittens such as Arkus and Hoki.But we accept it.
→ You told us about your date with Abah.^^

To my lovely Mama,
I couldn't imagine my life without you.
Thank you for everything.
I will forever love you.

Happy International Women's Day. =)

Lots of Love,

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