Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Been a While...


haha~dah lama tak update blog ni.
berhabuk macam tu ja...

I don't even know what to update.
About my study,I'm currently in my 3rd semester.
still got a long way to finish my diploma.

let's just talk about the past flashmob and technorobic thingy since I don't know what to say anymore about my study.

First of all,congratulation to my university for breaking the record with the Largest FlashMob Participation for Malaysia Book of Records.
6886 people participated including me.
YDP Agong came to the launching ceremony. :)

It was such a good and tiring day for us.

*with my crazy bubbly lovely friends*

For the technorobic competition,I think we did quite well.
The seniors named us as Psycho Dancers.
On the first day of the competition,we saw a lot of fantastic performances.
So,we went home with the hope of not getting into the final round.
Fortunately,we got a message from our senior,Prem saying that we made it into the final round.
It was a very shocking news for us because we never expect we could go into the finals.
Plus,for the groups who managed to enter the finals,we need to add 3 more minutes in the technorobics.
So,it was 10 minutes in total.

I think that's all for today.
Just a short update.


Lots of Love,