Monday, November 10, 2014

I got My Own Kids

I'm married and I just gave birth to 43 kids!

That's obviously a lie.

I'm not married, single and available. I'm not even pregnant.
But yes, I have 43 kids.

and by that I mean 43 students.
I prefer calling them 'kids' instead of 'students', I don't know why.

Ben through thick and thin a lot because of them.
They were like the kids who got super power ...
No matter how loud you shouted at them, no matter how fierce you are, no matter what kind of punishment you gave them,  THEY WON'T LISTEN TO YOU.


I get mad at them almost everyday, but I never cry because of their attitude.
What can you expect? They are KIDS.
You can expect them to act like an adult. 

These kids... they are reeeeeeeeaaaaaallllyyyy talkative.
They talked non-stop in class. 
Before I start teaching, while I'm teaching, after I'm done with teaching, after I get out from the class...
they just won't shut up.
It's really annoying... reeeeeeaaalllyyy annoying.
Sometimes, they won't give me any cooperation to learn what I'm teaching.
That make me sad.
I'm excited to teach, I'm excited making the teaching materials, but the kids just won't give their attention.

"This is my practicum. My marks will definitely affected because of them. I won't be given a good mark for observation. shit ! shit ! shit !"
That was my first thought.

After almost 10 weeks teaching them...
I realized that I shouldn't care about the marks, about the lecturer's comment.
Because my actual responsibility is giving them knowledge.
My responsibility is not MY MARKS and LECTURER'S COMMENTS.
Well, during the observation with my lecturer, I was observed in my friend's class. I borrowed her class.
According to my lecturer, my classroom management was good (that's a relieve).
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT.... She said my materials were limited.
hah! ok.
I accepted the comments with all my heart anyway because I don't care anymore about my marks and her comments.
No matter how annoying they were, I became stronger because of them... Stronger inside and out.

The last day of my practicum was the best and the saddest.
The best is of course, I finally can get a rest.
The saddest?
My kids ran away from their class to my room just to hug me. And some of them cried, asking me not to go away from this school.
I was like "awwww~" but no, I can't stay.
I received some gifts from them. 
(Wanna take a picture, but I already opened all of them, the picture will come out ugly without the wrapper so, no picture.)

Before they went home, I went to my class and remind them somethings... hehehe~
Let only 4 Cempaka knows what did I remind them.

Dear kids,
Please grow up well, be good men and good women when you grow up.
Don't forget about the 5 things I remind you in class.

And for future teachers,
prepare yourself physically and mentally.

p/s: "Being a teacher is not an option, but a privilege." -Tun Mohd Zarul Mohd Zaabah

Lots of Love,

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Maybe It Was My Fault

Maybe it was my fault for not telling you,
Maybe it was my fault for not being honest with you,
Maybe it was my fault for waiting for you to say it first,
Maybe it was my fault.

2AM waking up while staring at the window,
I was scared to say 'I love you'... so how?
We are just friends ... that won't change till now.
I really wanted to end this show.

"I like her" you said,
No it was not me,
She was a one lucky girl,
who caught your eyes and heart.

Maybe it was my fault for not telling you,
Maybe it was my fault for not being honest with you,
Maybe it was my fault for waiting for you to say it first,
Maybe it was my fault.

Do you know how painful my heart is?
I pray everyday for your happiness with her.
Did I sincerely pray for it?
I'm confuse too.

Maybe it was my fault for not telling you,
Maybe it was my fault for not being honest with you,
Maybe it was my fault for waiting for you to say it first,
Maybe it was my fault.


I'm just writing this for a guy whom I really like (or love?) a lot.
Should I smile or should I cry?

Lots of Love,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The 'You'

You ignore me, 
but I like you.

You do nothing,
yet I fall for you.

I miss you, 
even though my name never cross on your mind.

Should I wait for you?
Should I wait until the day where you finally realized that I'm "standing" in front of you?


I guess I have to give up on you because you have someone that you like, a lot.

Lots of Love,



It's been a while, right?

Well, I am currently reminiscing all of my 6 semesters.
Reminiscing? yes.
I have successfully finished all of the subjects for my Diploma. 

It feels good, but then ... I miss my friends.
Memories with them from the 1st semester till 6th semester were something that will never slip from my mind.

To be honest, I feel like I have a family in Shah Alam, a second family because of you guys.
I would like to call you guys Family Shah Alam.

To the boys,


With you guys around throughout the days, I can finally feel what it's like to have brothers.
Annoying + cute + sweet + handsome + Annoying + Annoying = all of the boys listed above.
I didn't have the chance to have a brother... I was supposed to have one. But, Mama miscarriaged.
On a second thought, I think Allah sent me Malik, Ahmad, Tahir, Mustaqim and Ferhat to replace my lil brother after 20 years. Maybe. Just a 'maybe'.
Whatever it is, thanks for being my brothers. :)

To the girls,


Thanks for adding up the colors to my life.
I love how Ainaa almost cried when she said goodbye to me and said "The Co-Director that I respect",
yeah ... Community Service, me as the Co-D. Please always remember me. hahaha! 
"Co-D je respect? Director takde?"
hahaha! Next time, puji Tahir sekali ye Ainaa... :)
Malisa, the Muslimah that I respect the most. Her actions, her words, the way she speaks... Allahu... I can't even be like her. She was so full of purity and I'm jealous.
Alia, the brave girl who brave enough to confess that she likes Tahir... Bella, the girl who wants me to settle her down with Syazwan... and Shira, the girl who won't give up on this one Kazakhstan guy. hahaha! 
I'll miss all of you, girls.

To the girls whom I met since the 1st semester,


Thanks for laughing with me, Thanks for insulting me, Thanks for joking with me, Thanks for fighting with me, Thanks for crying with me.
Thanks for everything.
You guys had taught me about the true meaning of FRIENDSHIP.
I hope we will be friend till we die. hopefully. :)

Malik, Tahir, Bella, Alia and Mira ... Study hard and study smart for the next semester, okay?
Inform us about your study progression on Whatsapp :)

I appreciate every second, every minute, every hour and every day that we spent together. 
Thanks for everything, FSA. :')

And here's some of our pictures taken on 23/05/2014, right after we finished our last paper^^

The picture that sum up all of #FSA,

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Microteaching Project

Told ya I'll update the next post in 2014. I keep my promise.


ok. Assalamualaikum.

First of all, I was actually really smiling while typing for this post.

Because our Microteaching Project got full mark!

and guess what? our of 7 groups, we are the one and only group that got full mark.
Miss said she couldn't find any mistake on our manual report. hehehe~

It was worth it to stay up from 08:30PM until 04:30AM.
Pinggang nak tercabut, bontot kebas semua ada.

I had to stay at my friend's house for the project. That's one of the big sacrifice I made ( big ke? ) 

It was not easy to set up the stage for the puppet show for Little Red Riding Hood.
We used a really hard box.
There were 3 scenes in Little Red Riding Hood; the Red Riding Hood's house, the woods, and the Grandma's room.
We drew all of the scenes.
 The characters. Yes. We drew all of the characters too.
Well, Mira was the person who drew all the characters since she was the only person who got the drawing talent.

We wrapped the stage with glitter paper to make it looks more attractive.

So here I provide some of the behind the scene of our Little Red Riding Hood Puppet Show.

*the seaweed is mine*

*we had a fight for the songs that were played while we're doing our work*

*that was the Red Riding Hood's house*

So, it came out like in the picture below.

The curtain was made out of the tissue-like paper.
cute, kan? hehehe~

And below is the picture of our complete Puppet Show.
The background can be changed from the back of the box, there's a long rectangle hole at the back of this box.
And then another long rectangle hole was made on top of the box to move the characters.

And as you can see, these are the characters in Little Red Riding Hood. ^^

I was really happy with this teaching material.
It will surely go for the Teaching Material Exhibition. weehee~

Here I also want to include the people who worked hard for the Little Red Riding Hood Puppet Show!

You'll know which one is me if you recognize me. lol xD


Our full mark reminded me of an old beggar that we met at Tesco while having our lunch.
He suddenly came to us and gave each of us a tissue. 
So, each of us gave him RM1.
He then immediately prayed for us.
Aku hanya mampu amin kan doa dia.

Thinking back about the incident, I think it was also one of the side "income" for us to get full mark for this project besides our effort of staying up late.

Allah itu Maha Besar.

Lots of Love,