Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Microteaching Project

Told ya I'll update the next post in 2014. I keep my promise.


ok. Assalamualaikum.

First of all, I was actually really smiling while typing for this post.

Because our Microteaching Project got full mark!

and guess what? our of 7 groups, we are the one and only group that got full mark.
Miss said she couldn't find any mistake on our manual report. hehehe~

It was worth it to stay up from 08:30PM until 04:30AM.
Pinggang nak tercabut, bontot kebas semua ada.

I had to stay at my friend's house for the project. That's one of the big sacrifice I made ( big ke? ) 

It was not easy to set up the stage for the puppet show for Little Red Riding Hood.
We used a really hard box.
There were 3 scenes in Little Red Riding Hood; the Red Riding Hood's house, the woods, and the Grandma's room.
We drew all of the scenes.
 The characters. Yes. We drew all of the characters too.
Well, Mira was the person who drew all the characters since she was the only person who got the drawing talent.

We wrapped the stage with glitter paper to make it looks more attractive.

So here I provide some of the behind the scene of our Little Red Riding Hood Puppet Show.

*the seaweed is mine*

*we had a fight for the songs that were played while we're doing our work*

*that was the Red Riding Hood's house*

So, it came out like in the picture below.

The curtain was made out of the tissue-like paper.
cute, kan? hehehe~

And below is the picture of our complete Puppet Show.
The background can be changed from the back of the box, there's a long rectangle hole at the back of this box.
And then another long rectangle hole was made on top of the box to move the characters.

And as you can see, these are the characters in Little Red Riding Hood. ^^

I was really happy with this teaching material.
It will surely go for the Teaching Material Exhibition. weehee~

Here I also want to include the people who worked hard for the Little Red Riding Hood Puppet Show!

You'll know which one is me if you recognize me. lol xD


Our full mark reminded me of an old beggar that we met at Tesco while having our lunch.
He suddenly came to us and gave each of us a tissue. 
So, each of us gave him RM1.
He then immediately prayed for us.
Aku hanya mampu amin kan doa dia.

Thinking back about the incident, I think it was also one of the side "income" for us to get full mark for this project besides our effort of staying up late.

Allah itu Maha Besar.

Lots of Love,