Saturday, May 24, 2014

The 'You'

You ignore me, 
but I like you.

You do nothing,
yet I fall for you.

I miss you, 
even though my name never cross on your mind.

Should I wait for you?
Should I wait until the day where you finally realized that I'm "standing" in front of you?


I guess I have to give up on you because you have someone that you like, a lot.

Lots of Love,



It's been a while, right?

Well, I am currently reminiscing all of my 6 semesters.
Reminiscing? yes.
I have successfully finished all of the subjects for my Diploma. 

It feels good, but then ... I miss my friends.
Memories with them from the 1st semester till 6th semester were something that will never slip from my mind.

To be honest, I feel like I have a family in Shah Alam, a second family because of you guys.
I would like to call you guys Family Shah Alam.

To the boys,


With you guys around throughout the days, I can finally feel what it's like to have brothers.
Annoying + cute + sweet + handsome + Annoying + Annoying = all of the boys listed above.
I didn't have the chance to have a brother... I was supposed to have one. But, Mama miscarriaged.
On a second thought, I think Allah sent me Malik, Ahmad, Tahir, Mustaqim and Ferhat to replace my lil brother after 20 years. Maybe. Just a 'maybe'.
Whatever it is, thanks for being my brothers. :)

To the girls,


Thanks for adding up the colors to my life.
I love how Ainaa almost cried when she said goodbye to me and said "The Co-Director that I respect",
yeah ... Community Service, me as the Co-D. Please always remember me. hahaha! 
"Co-D je respect? Director takde?"
hahaha! Next time, puji Tahir sekali ye Ainaa... :)
Malisa, the Muslimah that I respect the most. Her actions, her words, the way she speaks... Allahu... I can't even be like her. She was so full of purity and I'm jealous.
Alia, the brave girl who brave enough to confess that she likes Tahir... Bella, the girl who wants me to settle her down with Syazwan... and Shira, the girl who won't give up on this one Kazakhstan guy. hahaha! 
I'll miss all of you, girls.

To the girls whom I met since the 1st semester,


Thanks for laughing with me, Thanks for insulting me, Thanks for joking with me, Thanks for fighting with me, Thanks for crying with me.
Thanks for everything.
You guys had taught me about the true meaning of FRIENDSHIP.
I hope we will be friend till we die. hopefully. :)

Malik, Tahir, Bella, Alia and Mira ... Study hard and study smart for the next semester, okay?
Inform us about your study progression on Whatsapp :)

I appreciate every second, every minute, every hour and every day that we spent together. 
Thanks for everything, FSA. :')

And here's some of our pictures taken on 23/05/2014, right after we finished our last paper^^

The picture that sum up all of #FSA,

Lots of Love,